12 Smart and Cheap Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator

Organize Fridge

How often do you find yourself sifting through your refrigerator looking for the little jar of jam your mother gave you just the other day? Everything is so cluttered you end up just giving up. Well that’s no way to do things. Here I am going to give you 12 different tips on how to organize your refrigerator cheaply and smart!

1. Using Drawers or Bins in The Freezer

This also helps to save space and organize your freezer so that everything isn’t so cluttered and you won’t have to dig all the way to the back of the freezer to find what you are looking for. This will help avoid pulling out half of your freezer contents, placing them on the counter and then not being able to fit them all back in the freezer just for a pot pie.

2. Labels

If you do go with the basket idea, it will make looking around in your fridge so much easier to label each basket with the type of products that are in that basket. If you don’t go with the basket, you can still label your shelves where specific items should be placed.

3. Line The Shelves with Cling Wrap or Easy-to-clean Fridge Mats

These will make cleaning up spills a breeze. If you use cling wrap you can just tear it off and replace it, making it so easy to clean up an accidental spill or little drips. If you use fridge mats you just take everything out that is on that specific shelf and wipe it off. Easy as pie.

4. Do Not Keep You Milk in The Door

This is because opening and closing the fridge so many times could make your milk go bad so much faster. This is because the temperature isn’t as constant as it is on a shelf. This should make organizing your fridge a must, as my entire life I kept my milk in the door, and just recently moved it to a shelf, and I do honestly have to say that my milk lasts longer now.

5. Keep Thawing Foods on The Bottom

Like meat and any sort of seafood you may have thawing or just sitting in the fridge. You want to keep these items on the bottom shelf to avoid any drips that may occur. You don’t want that pie in there to have bloody run-off on it, do you?

6. Before Going to The Store, Take a Picture of Your Fridge

This will help you not to multiply something you already have. It will also help you in figuring out what you are out of also. This will also help you decide what you have room for when you get back from the store. So it will help you buy what you need and not overdo it and not have enough room for everything.

7. Plastic Egg Holders

They help save your fragile eggs. Plus, instead of having all the open space on top of your egg carton, these allow you to stack on top, without damaging your eggs.

8. Lazy Susan’s in The Fridge isn’t a Bad Idea

Using a lazy Susan or turntable in your fridge will help with digging around to find something. Instead just turn it to find what you need. You can also use them for leftovers and now they have containers that can fit lazy Susans or turntables to hold just about any food you want.

9. Save Some Space with Knowledge

You can do this by just knowing what doesn’t need to be chilled and what does. Like fruits and vegetables. Did you know that onions and tomatoes don’t actually need to be chilled? I usually ask myself, “where in the store did I get these items?” If I didn’t get them from a refrigerator I usually don’t put them in the fridge, until I’m ready to use them that day.

10. Using a Box or Drawer to know What to Eat First

Labeling a box or drawer to eat these first, will not only let you know what’s going bad soon, but will let the rest of your family know also. This is so you waste less food so you aren’t just throwing away money.

11. Drawers

They do sell refrigerator drawers not just to replace your old broken drawers that came with the fridge, but also to put just about everything else you could have in your fridge in them. You can coordinate your food items into different categories by putting certain products in each drawer. You technically don’t even have to buy baskets that are specifically for a refrigerator either, any durable plastic basket should work.

12. Last, But Not Least, to Hold Drinks Use a Binder Clip

You are able to stack in a pyramid your soda, beer, water, or even your energy drinks. This will help save a lot of room in your fridge as you don’t have to take up an entire shelf just for your drinks. Being able to stack them up saves a lot more room than you might think.

These are 12 cheap and smart ways to organize your refrigerator. I hope these help you organize and clean your fridge easier. I know I will be taking some of these home and using them to organize my refrigerator. These will also help you save some money on food waste, and help get rid of anything that’s already bad in your fridge.

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