15 Tips to Jazz Up Your Water

15 Tips to Jazz Up Your Water

Drinking water is important for your health and a great way to quench your thirst and stay hydrated without calories. You and your family can play around with some delicious infusions until you find a few you love.

Need some inspiration? Try these refreshing and simple combinations:

  1. Mango and peach slices
  2. Pear and ginger slices
  3. Raspberries and mint
  4. Kiwi and mango slices
  5. Blackberries and mint
  6. Raspberries and cucumber slices
  7. Watermelon chunks and fresh basil
  8. Strawberries and fresh basil
  9. Frozen blueberries and mint
  10. Peach slices and grated ginger
  11. Cucumber slices and grated ginger
  12. Honeydew melon chunks and mint
  13. Pineapple chunks and strawberries
  14. Chopped apples and a cinnamon stick
  15. Cucumber slices, strawberries and mint

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To release the most flavor, chop or tear herbs, cut fruit into cubes and crush berries before adding water. If you like a little fizz in your drink, use carbonated water. Add enough of each ingredient to satisfy your taste.

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