4 Useful Tips to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Stuff Nose

If your nose drips and runs and you want to know how to clear a stuffy nose, why not use one of these effective at-home remedies to treat this annoying condition. A clogged or stuffy nose is directly related to blood vessels that are inflamed in the sinuses. These inflamed blood vessels are a result of a sinus infection, allergies, the flu, or a common cold.

Here are four of the most popular remedies to get the nose clear:

Invest in a Humidifier

A simple method to soothe the irrigated blood vessels and tissues is to invest in a high-quality humidifier. By increasing the moisture in the air it helps relieve the discomfort in the region of the sinuses and nose to make it possible to breathe easier. Plus, the more humid air makes it possible to thin out the mucus which is useful for emptying the build up of fluids in the nose. Humid air is great for relieving both the irritation and inflammation.

Take a Relaxing Shower

Similar to the humidifier a steamy shower is a great remedy to help relieve the stuffy nose. A steamy shower helps by thinning out the mucus build up in the sinuses and nose while also helping to control the inflammation. Even though the results might be short-term, this is certain to help return the breathing to normal. Alternatively, fill a bowl with hot water and place the face over the top and slowly breathe in the steam. Also, place a towel over the head to make it more effective. (Note: Caution with the hot water.)

Drink Fluids Regularly

Make sure to get a regular intake of fluids when the nose is blocked up. It generally doesn’t matter the drink. Use juice, soup, tea, sports drinks, or plain water to stay well-hydrated when feeling under the weather. Staying hydrated is useful for its ability to thin out the build up of mucus and lessen the pressure that starts to develop in the region of the sinuses. By decreasing the pressure in the sinuses it is possible to minimize the discomfort caused by the irritation and inflammation.

Plus, for those that wish to clear a combined stuffy nose and sore throat, a great remedy is to drink more warm soup or tea to quickly ease the discomfort and pain.

Use an OTC Saline Spray

A simple on-the-go remedy to relieve the discomfort in the nasal passages is to use an OTC saline spray. This is certain to offer the most effective method to up the moisture content and thin out the build up of mucus. Plus, this is the quickest option to empty fluids and decrease the irritation caused to the blood vessels.

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