5 Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

5 Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of those items in the produce section that not all of us will pick up. Many people enjoy eating them, while others are still on the fence.

But from their range of flavours to their variety of uses, there is a mushroom for everybody. Here are just five reasons to love (and eat) more mushrooms.

They can go with anything. Mushrooms are so versatile that you can pair them with any food. You can sautée them for on top of steak, throw some fresh mushrooms in a salad, blend them together with meat for a healthier alternative, and chop some up and toss them in an omelet.

You can try a different mushroom every day of the week. Did you know there are seven different types of mushrooms commercially grown in Canada? You can choose between the three primary mushrooms, white button, crimini or portabella, or can mix in a specialty variety, such as enoki, shiitake, oyster or king oyster.

Mushrooms are very beneficial for your health. They contain vitamins D and B, potassium and plenty of antioxidants. Thanks to their high fibre count, mushrooms also help support a strong immune system.

Mushrooms are a great snack to fill up on. As a low-energy, dense food, they can be effective for reducing daily energy and fat intake while still helping you feel full, so you can keep on track with your healthy lifestyle.

The mushroom industry never stops. Fresh mushrooms are grown and harvested and delivered fresh to local stores every day of the year. Not only are you buying fresh, you are also buying local and Canadian.

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