5 Plants You Can Grow from Leftover Vegetables

Seeds aren’t the only way to grow plants. There are plenty of leftover vegetables that can also be used to grow new ones. In this article, we have a look at five of these vegetables. Some of them only take a few weeks to grow while others can take a few years. Learn the methods of getting these leftover vegetables to grow into healthy plants.

The first type of vegetables that can be used are onions. As many of you already know, onions are very easy to grow. You just have to cut a bit of the root end by using a sharp knife. Once the inner side of the onion is exposed to the open, you just have to dip the onion in a pot of water. In a week or two, you should see a new sprout appearing from the onion.

The second type of vegetables that can be used for gardening purposes are scallions. Like ordinary onions, they are extremely easy to grow. Again, you just have to leave the scallions in a pot of water and remember to change the water a few times a week. Eventually, the scallion will grow from the root. There is very little maintenance needed. You just need to cut the leaf part of the scallion if it grows too long.

The third type of leftover vegetables are mushrooms. They require a bit more effort than onions because mushrooms only grow in specific environments. For mushrooms to strive, you need to place them in damp environments. You can achieve this by placing mushrooms in damp soil. Make sure you don’t expose the mushrooms to bright sunlight.

The fourth type of vegetables to consider are sweet potatoes. They can grow in both soil and in water. Before you put the sweet potato into the soil or water, make sure you cut both ends of the vegetable. Like the onion, a new sprout should appear after a few weeks.

The final type of leftover vegetables are garlic cloves. Thew grow best in sunny conditions so make sure you leave them by the window. Before you plant the garlic cloves into the soil, you need to do a bit of preparation. For example, you want to make sure all the scrapes are taken off to give the garlic cloves the best chance of growing into juicy bulbs.

As you can see, there are a whole lot of leftover vegetables one can use for gardening purposes. You can make your home more beautiful by matching these plants with interesting pots.

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