5 Re-Usable Containers That Are Perfect for Organizing

5 Re-Usable Containers That Are Perfect for Organizing

Getting organized can be easier said than done – even for those with the best of intentions. One of the major hindrances can come from not having the right storage containers for the job. Whether it is because they are costly and cannot be afforded, or because you simply do not know what to use, finding a container that works is tricky. The five containers below are perfect for organizing your home in a colorful and creative way without costing you a dime.

Paint Cans

Empty paint cans are perfect storage containers. After they have been thoroughly cleaned and there are no traces of paint left in or on them, cover the outside in a pretty or colorful fabric. Cover the top of the lid in a coordinating fabric and tie a ribbon on the handle. Use them to store toys, hair accessories, note cards and envelopes, or any size-appropriate item.

Coffee Cans

Today’s coffee cans come in all sizes and all types of material. There are the traditional tin or aluminum coffee cans that are perfect for storing nuts, bolts, nails, and all manner of building and home improvement accessories. Other uses for the traditional cans that have been cleaned and decorated are: remote control holders, pencil and pen cups, and picnic table utensil holders. There are also plastic coffee containers that can be washed out and used to store small toys, sidewalk chalk, crayons, and more. The snap on lids of the plastic containers make it easy to store and contain small pieces.

Baby Food Jars

Baby food jars have long been used as storage containers. Traditional glass containers can still be used for storing beads, nails, screws, pins, and more. While they are excellent storage containers, they can be broken if dropped. More modern plastic baby food containers are now all the rage. These plastic rectangular containers have a quick-snapping lid and are easy to stack and store. Use them for all of the traditional supplies that need organizing and then some.

Shoe Boxes

Cover that shoe box with some cheerful contact paper or fabric and use it to store just about anything. It can be the home for your craft supplies, mementos, hair accessories, letter writing supplies and more. Some shoe boxes are sturdier than others, so choose contents accordingly.

Cardboard Mailing Envelopes

The postal service provides strong, cardboard mailing envelopes for some of their premium mailing services. If you are the recipient of such an envelope, save it and use it for filing instead of throwing it away. Simply cut off the top flap and cover the envelope in colorful contact paper or wrapping paper that you have around the house. Place it on the table in your front entryway to collect the mail or papers that need to be sorted.

There is no limit to the ways in which the storage containers above can be used. They all offer a great alternative to purchasing new containers and keep the old containers out of the landfill. A little creative thinking will have you looking at your re-usable containers in a whole new light.

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