5 Things to Do with Grandparents on a Rainy Day

5 Things to Do with Grandparents on a Rainy Day

Hanging out with grandparents can be fun and enlightening. They are a link to the past and can teach us to appreciate our present. While grandparents might not see eye to eye with you on things like music, movies, or dance moves, their stories can open your mind to a whole new world you never experienced. Hearing about their life and experiences can be a lot of fun and make you think about your own life in a different way. Not to mention that hanging out with grandparents, your own or someone else’s, will lift their spirits. There are tons of cost effective, yet entertaining ideas out there for you to connect with our golden loved ones.

Take advantage of the next rainy day you find yourself bored to pieces. Call your grandparents up and make a date or volunteer at a retirement home. They will appreciate it and you might have the time of your life!

Share Recipes

Food brings people together. This makes for a great opportunity to warm up that oven and whip up something tasty! Grandma might just share an old family recipe with you or give you a new spin on that tired meat loaf your mom has been making for years. Your dear old grandmother would most likely love the opportunity to pass along some of her tried and true recipes. These recipes are legacies that are sure to help you continue to keep the family she loves so much together even after she has left this Earth.

Remember The Good Old Days

Get out those old photo albums and reorganize them. This would be a fun project for you and the grandparents. Recalling memories is a great way to keep their minds active and alert. They might have stories to tell about you that your own parents don’t even remember, but that you will be able to pass down to your own children one day. They might also be able to link certain traits of yours back to your own parents. I’ll bet you were wondering whom you got your hair twirling from!

Get Rid of Clutter

Help your grandparents clean out a room in their home. Chances are this will open up the opportunity for more storytelling that gives you a glimpse of the way life used to be. It may make you more thankful than ever for the conveniences we have these days. Plus, your grandparents may be willing to hand you down that antique armoire you have had your heart set on inheriting.

Game Time

Playing some classic board games or card games are great ways to have a good time. Who doesn’t like a game of Bingo or Go Fish? Your elders might have an old strategy that will beat even the biggest poker champs. Playing games with grandparents is a sure fire way to evoke smiles and laughter all around.

Arts & Crafts

Doing arts and crafts is a fantastic way to pass the time along with keeping your grandparent’s motor skills sharp. Most arts and crafts stores have easy how-to instructions on building things like birdhouses or breadboxes with Popsicle sticks. Your grandparents might be able to teach you something useful like how to knit or sew.

The important thing is to enjoy each other’s company and make memorable moments with your loved ones. The time spent will not have been in vain. Your grandparents will more than love the chance to answer questions and hang out with you. Anything that jogs their memory and gets them in the mood to talk about their life is a great way to spend time. If not your own grandparents there is probably a retirement home in your area full of grandparents waiting for visitors to pass the time with.

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