5 Ways to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Kids


Think reading needs to be relegated to the couch or a bed? With a little creativity, you can create cozy reading nooks the whole family can enjoy. Here are some tips from Charlotte Teeple, executive director of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and head of the TD Grade One Book Giveaway, Canada’s largest free book distribution program for school-aged children.

Less is More

Create a minimalist, no-fuss reading nook kids will love. Start with a soft area rug and a comfy chair or large pillows to make a comfy seating area. Add in a few fun baskets or containers to store books, as well as a few shelves so kids can display books they love.

Find a Unique Space

Is there unused space under the stairs or in an open closet? Convert these awkward spaces into quaint reading areas by adding fun paint colours, a comfy chaise, shelving for books and colorful curtains to differentiate the space from the rest of the home.

Build a Reading Tent

If it’s tough to carve out a private, dedicated reading space at home, consider building a tent. Tents can be easily built, stored and used indoors or out for readers of all ages.

Utilize Bunk Bed Space

Use all the floor space in your little one’s room by using a bunk bed to create additional reading space. Turn the bottom bunk into a personal library by putting up reading posters, adding shelving for books and decorating with colourful pillows. Add fun curtains around the edge of the bunk bed to create a quiet, private reading space.

For Kids on The Go

Reading nooks aren’t just for when kids are at home. Creating a portable version that can be set up and taken down in seconds is easy. Just grab a backpack and fill it with a fluffy blanket and pillow, a reading light and your kid’s favourite books. Add a reusable water bottle and snacks and any kid will be ready to settle in for reading time, no matter where they are.

Source and Photo: (NC) Newscanada.com

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