5 Ways to Improve Your Concentration and Memory

5 Ways to Improve Your Concentration and Memory

If you are wondering how to increase your concentration and memory, you’re not alone. Several million of people all over the world are under a constant lookout for an answer to this question. Concentration and memory are brain functions which are closely intertwined. Without improving your ability to concentrate, enhancing your ability to recall facts and figures can be quite difficult. The good news is that concentration is a skill that everyone can learn and master.

Concentration is your ability to focus on something intensely and without distraction. Developing the ability to focus even in the face of distraction will help your brain to store information more easily. By improving your concentration, you can experience significant improvement in your memory within a very short period of time.

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Puzzle games are known for their ability to both entertain and challenge our brains. Puzzles can come in a variety of forms, from Sunday crosswords, to sudoku, to logic and word games. There is quite a wide variety of activities available that can stimulate the brain and improve focus and problem-solving.


Meditation has long been looked to as a means for honing concentration. Meditation has the added benefits of relaxation, improved awareness, better breathing, and increased mental clarity. Learning to meditate will give your ability to focus a great boost.

Create Study Spots:

If you can choose one place exclusively to study, another place exclusively for work and a third place to play puzzle games, you will be surprised by your ability to focus on what you do. The brain has the incredible ability to easily associating things with the location which will enhance the storage and recall of details. Your brain will become conditioned to quickly prepare to take in more information.

Remove Distractions:

When you are concentrating on something, keep your mobile phone switched off and windows closed. Turn off all email and text notifications. Make it a point to set designated times for you to check your email or visit social networking sites so that you can remain focused on the task at hand. If you live in a place which is filled with noise, you may want to think about noise-canceling headphones, or even ear plugs. Many people are surprised at how much they can accomplish with just a few modifications to their environment.

Stay Organized:

It is much easier to concentrate and assimilate information if everything you need to do so is laid out in an organized fashion. Taking a few minutes to structure your materials will make it easier to stay on task and accomplish your goals.

If you are looking for an answer on how to increase concentration and memory power, these simple brainstorming techniques will help propel you toward your goal. Make these simple modifications permanent habits, and you will be happily surprised by the great strides your brain will take in both your ability to concentrate as well as your capacity to store and remember facts.

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Kevin Green has studied memory and brain function for years.

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