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Organic Maple Syrup: 50 Uses From Ordinary to Extraordinary

There are many simple ways to combine syrup with one or more ingredients for savory foods as well as sweet. Maple syrup is no longer confined to just the desert menu, with this list and a little imagination you will WOW your guests at your next dinner party! 50 Uses encompasses suggestions for beverages, snacks and appetizers, salad dressings, toppings, breads and muffins and deserts along with a few unorthodox uses that will surprise you. Most of these tips are easy to create, but for some of the more specific suggestions there is a link for the recipes at the end of this article.

Maple syrup is not normally used in beverages, but here are uses both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.The leading favorite is 1. Maple Martini, also delicious are 2. Maple Rum Coolers, 3. Hot Buttered Maple Rum Toddy’s and 4. Maple Brandy Alexander made with vanilla ice cream for a really decadent drink. Other drink favorites that contain maple syrup are 5. hot coffee latte’s, 6. milkshakes 7. hot cocoa and 8. fancy holiday eggnog. In salads if you haven’t tried combining maple syrup in salad dressings, 9. is a very simple summer dressing made with syrup and mayonnaise over a green apple and broccoli salad. It’s easy and very impressive. For 10. a fruit salad dressing using toasted coconut, slivered almonds,rum, syrup and lime. Maple flavor goes very well with 11. Mustard and wine vinegar, olive oil and garlic for a savory salad or 12. try it with canola oil, apple cider vinegar, white wine and lemon zest. Maple syrup is a great additive for toppings on cakes, ice cream, hot cereal and grilled foods. Try it with 13. whipped cream or 14. mix with crushed raspberries for fruit syrup, 15.mix with barbecue sauce for ribs or salmon, 16. mix maple with walnuts,cinnamon and nutmeg over hot oatmeal for a very healthy breakfast, 17. mix hot maple syrup with mashed bananas and pecans over ice cream or 18. mix warm Nuttella and maple syrup for vanilla ice cream. 19. Make a glaze for cake or cheesecake with boiled condensed milk, syrup and pecans or 20. a special breakfast treat whip syrup with butter and orange zest for hot rolls and muffins, 21. mix with cream cheese and vanilla for cake frosting and for the easiest and most potent topping: 22. Mix maple syrup with a dark rum over pancakes… it’s transcendent!

To get children involved in the kitchen, introduce them to 23. maple caramel popcorn balls 24. maple candy or 25. maple walnut brittle. Also great as a snack or sprinkle 26. sweet and spicy maple glazed hazelnuts over salads. 27. Grilled maple glazed pineapple slices are heavenly;28. phyllo triangle bites stuffed with maple cream cheese, apple and walnuts is a terrific party favorite and 29. maple glazed grilled asparagus tips wrapped in bacon makes an elegant appetizer or side dish.Incredible and very easy to make is 30. maple beer batter bread; even better, make 31. beer batter bread french toast with rum laced syrup. If you enjoy making yeast breads, 32. is a coarse maple oatmeal bread, very healthy and hearty 33. Maple chocolate tea scones or 34. moist maple pear muffins with a crumbly topping for afternoon tea with the girls and another great food combination is 35. maple with sweet potato muffins or fresh pumpkin. 36. Maple pecan bread is another special use for this fragrant syrup and can also be used for 37. a really good french toast. Maple can be used in 38. any cinnamon roll or sticky buns recipe. Have you tried making 39. Maple creme brulee or 40. maple cream pie. Another easy desert to make is 41. maple walnut ice cream, 42. maple brownies, or the very popular 43. maple rum fudge. A very rich 44. maple pumpkin cheese cake with a maple pecan glaze is a big hit for Halloween parties.Something special for fall 45. stuff an acorn squash with cubed apples, cashews and syrup or 46. drizzle maple while mashing butternut squash and 47. Brown sugar and maple for candied carrots.

Want to try something different with maple that is not food related? 48. Mix 1/4 cup of maple syrup with 1 Tbsp. maple sugar and use it as a facial scrub, then 49.leave it on for a serious dose of an anti-oxidant facial for about 20 minutes. Maple has anti bacterial properties and is anti inflammatory, contains zinc which is wonderful for skin, and vitamins A and B. Another top use for this syrup 50. use it to boost your calcium levels. Maple syrup contains as much calcium as 8 oz. of whole milk.

See what you can create with a gallon of pure organic maple syrup.

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I’m Sheila Mizzi author of this article and I experiment with organic maple syrup in my kitchen on a daily basis. I live on a mountain in Vermont surrounded by the Maple trees that I tap each season, and those trees produce exceptional certified organic maple syrup. My neighbors and house guests are the lucky recipients of my maple mania. You can be a recipient as well, just go to [http://www.maplesyrupessentials.com] and click on my maple syrup recipes. While your there you might pick up some Vermont certified organic maple syrup, it’s some of the finest.For more information on fabulous maple recipes go to http://www.maplesyrupessentials.com

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