8 Gift Ideas for Knitting Nuts

8 Gift Ideas for Knitting Nuts

Knitters are great people to know and it is great to be listed in their ‘good books’, especially when winter time rolls around! Given that knitting wool is such a personal choice, and you never know what projects your knitter has in mind, what Chrissy gifts will earn you the most sock and scarf points with a beloved knitting fanatic? We point out some beauties today!

Signature Knitting Needles

These custom-made needles are hand crafted and hand polished. They are the knitting equivalent of Rolls Royce, and although they make a fantastic Christmas gift for knitters, you can’t keep them a surprise. You’ll want to check with your knitter as to the specifications they want in their signature needles – tip size, base material and cap type must be chosen.

Ball Winders

Sometimes winding up balls of knitting wool can be harder on your wrists and hands than the actual knitting! Ball winders make a boring job simple and fast, and create more time for doing the interesting part of knitting.

Exotic Knitting Needles

There are plenty of different types of knitting needles, including needles with microscopically ribbed shafts to provide traction, circular knitting needles, double pointed needles … the list goes on! They are especially good gifts for beginning and intermediate knitters who might want to expand their repertoire.

Spinning Wheel

Knitters obviously love making things, and there’s little more satisfying than creating something yourself right from the yarn-spinning stage, to the wear stage! Great for advanced knitters with plenty of time.

Knitting Bags

If you’re buying a knitting bag as a Christmas gift, remember:

  • The more compartments, the better
  • The more secured each of those compartments are, the better
  • The tougher the material, the better
  • The bigger the better … to a certain point!

And make sure you know a lot about your knitter’s personal style … there’s nothing worse than a knitting bag which you think looks terrible!

Knitting Yarn

A stash of yarn will always be put to use with an avid knitter, as long as you make sure:

  • Working with the yarn is within your giftee’s capacity. Don’t make it too exotic.
  • That they are not sensitive to pure wool, sometimes it can be a bit itchy when worn close to the skin if has not been treated properly. Bamboo or Cotton may be better.
  • You get them enough of the yarn to complete a good-sized project. Worry less about getting too much – scraps will just go with the enormous pile of leftovers, and will be worked into a patchwork quilt or into baby mittens!

Stitch Dictionary

A knitter loves to discover and incorporate new stitches into their work, and a stitch library that’s available offline is a great place to find them!

Gift Vouchers for Knitting Stores

Knitting is not an expensive hobby in the scheme of things, but it does have ongoing costs. A gift voucher for a specialist knitting supplies store lets you give the gift of knitting joy, as well as the gift of choice!

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