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I love collecting recipes, cookbooks and household hints. Below are a list of old-fashioned household hints I collected from the back of an old cookbook. They are interesting, sometimes funny and some are still practical for today. They are written exactly as they were in the book. I hope you will enjoy reading them. And who knows, you just might learn a thing or two.

Old-Fashioned Household Tips

1. To keep nuts from sinking to the bottom of cake or bread batter, shake them in a paper bag with a pinch or two of flour.

2. Do not discard worn pillow slips. Cut a small hole in the seamed end and slip it over a hanger as protection for clothes.

3. Use cotton swabs dipped in lukewarm soap or detergent suds to clean the grooves of carved furniture.

4. Potatoes soaked in salt water for 20 minutes before baking will bake more rapidly.

5. A pie crust will be more easily made and better if all the ingredients are cool.

6. To cut fresh bread easily, cut with a hot knife.

7. Tablecloths and sheets should be folded crosswise occasionally. It will make them last longer.

8. To prevent the iron from sticking, add a little salt to the starch.

9. To remove iodine stains from linens rub the stained area with a slice of lemon.

10. Fruit stains may be removed with a strong solution of borax, or the stain moistened with water, rubbed with borax, and boiling water poured through.

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11. Measure a cupful of whipped cream after it is whipped.

12. To avoid lumps in batter, add a pinch of salt to the flour before it is wet.

13. To cream butter and sugar, warm a bowl, put the butter in, then sieve the sugar on top. Beat until the mixture is like whipped cream.

14. To improve the flavor of old potatoes, add a little sugar to the water in which they are boiled.

15. To keep lint from clinging to blue jeans and corduroys, add a half cup of vinegar to each wash load.

16. Bury the yeast cake in salt and it will keep for some time.

17. Heat lemons well before using and there will be twice as much juice.

18. To prevent cakes from burning, sprinkle salt in the oven under the baking pans.

19. Never beat egg-whites in an aluminum pan, it is sure to darken them.

20. If egg yolks become stringy after being added to hot puddings, especially tapioca, use a beater; the lumps will adhere to the beater, and leave the pudding smooth.

21. When baking a milk pudding, place the dish in a pan of water in the oven. This prevents the pudding from burning or boiling over.

22. A well-beaten white of egg added to mashed potatoes will add to the looks and taste of the dish.

23. When bread is baking, a small dish of water in the oven will help to keep the crust from getting too hard.

24. To draw out the salt from salted fish, add a glass of vinegar to the water in which the fish is soaking.

25. Add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to cranberries while cooking and they will not require much sugar.

26. To keep milk or cream from souring in hot weather, stir in a small quantity of bicarbonate of soda.

27. All seasonings should be added gradually to soup, or the flavor may be too strong.

28. A little finely grated cheese added to thin soup improves the taste immensely.

29. If parsley is washed with hot water, instead of cold, it retains its flavor and is easier to chop.

30. To prevent the odor of boiling ham or cabbage permeating the house, add a little vinegar to the water in which they are boiled.

There you have it, folks. Old-fashioned tips for everyday use. I especially like #26. However, I’m sure that was very important to folks many years ago. But there are some tips that are still quite useful today, number 29 for example. Anyway, it is fun to share these tips with you.

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Linda is collector of cookbooks, recipes, and household tips from the past. You may visit her Grandma’s Vintage Recipe blog at Grandmasvintagerecipes.blogspot.com

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  1. I love number 3. I will never clean groves with a Q-tip, unless I am painting something like that. Part of everyday cleaning no way.

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