A Few Tips to Make Your Gardening Time Better

A Few Tips to Make Your Gardening Time Better

We all could use a few tips in the garden to make it easier, here are a few.

— Add a teaspoon of sugar to a little soap to wash off stains on your hands from gardening.

— Only prune flowering trees after they have bloomed.

— When you are out in the garden and happened to get stung by a bee, apply a slice of onion to the sting, it will stop the pain.

— Paint all of your garden tool handles a bright color. If you lend them out you will be able to recognize them and get them back. 🙂

— Always clean your garden tools after each use, this will help prevent disease on your plants. A wipe down with 10% bleach & water will do the job.

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  1. Lush Lawn

    When doing your lawn maintenance, take a walk around the lawn and look for any dandelion or other weeds. Pop them out making sure you pull out the entire root. Fill in the hole with a little soil and sprinkle with grass seeds then water with a 15-30-15 fertilizer. Make this a part of your regular lawn maintenance routine and you will always have a thick, healthy lawn.

    Seed Starter

    A great seed starter container is small paper cups. You can plant these directly into the ground, the cups will deteriorate and the roots will pop through the bottoms on their own. No fuss gardening!

  2. Tips From My Garden

    Try this sometime. If you have an infestation of moth larvae in your lazy susan or cupboards, try laying down mint leaves or even rue. For some reason, they don’t like it. The same goes for outside, if you have an ant/bug crawling problem, the rue deters them.

    I tried an experiment once and mixing the mint and rue together (by grinding them up) and made a paste. This I put around my roses base and it seemed to keep away the crawling creatures. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the flying ones off.

  3. Vinegar Tip


    I would like to submit something that works for me VERY well!

    I grow starter plants at my kitchen window sill; they attract gnats! But, to ward them off, I simply apply white vinegar to my wash cloth and let it sit. Instantly they relocate!

  4. Herbal Shower for Plants – Water all your house plants with herbal tea. Use the tea after you’re done with it in your cup and sprinkle it in your plants…Have a little left in your cup? Pour it on all house plants.


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