Creative Ideas for Adding Color to Natural Log Walls

Creative Ideas for Adding Color to Natural Log Walls

Many people love the idea of living in a rustic log cabin, but some are perplexed when it comes to adding color and decorating natural log walls. Indefinitely living with shades of russet throughout a home is not popular or pleasing, but once log walls are painted it is nearly impossible to sand away the color and bring the logs back to their original natural condition. Color can be absorbed deep within the wood, and painting is not advised. However, it is possible to add a tremendous amount of color to natural log walls without painting, staining, or permanently compromising the natural hue of the wood. Consider the following creative ideas for adding color to natural log walls, and give the interior of your log cabin a makeover that will bring the walls to life without damaging their genuine beauty and rustic character.

Add Color with Large Frameless Oil Paintings

An oil painting can add vibrant color and design to any room, especially in a cabin with natural log walls. Colorful scenes, flowers, sunsets, and other designs from nature are ideal when decorating walls made from wood. Scenic paintings can be used to bring the beauty of nature indoors while adding natural colors to otherwise bare brown walls.

Instead of investing in expensive framed oils with wooden frames that would blend in with log walls, consider frameless oil paintings with painted stretched canvas sides. They are more affordable than wood framed oils, and they are one of the latest and greatest decorating trends. Look for a set of paintings that when placed together make up an eye-catching and colorful scene, or choose a single large painting of an oversized brilliantly colored flower bloom. Nature provides some of the most brilliant colors of all, and combining paintings of nature with natural wood is one of the best ways of adding color to rooms in a natural log home.

Reflect Natural Color with a Large Wall Mirror

Mirrors can be used to add color and natural design to any space. When positioned on the opposite side of a window with a scenic view, a mirror will reflect a beautiful picture that can be viewed from many angles throughout the room. Contemplate adding a large wall mirror across from a log cabin window. Not only will the mirror reflect natural color and bring more light into the room, but it will also provide a different view from every angle. Choose a framed mirror with traditional style and color or a wrought iron and wood frame that does not blend in with the color of the natural log walls. It will add brightness and color to the space.

Candle Scones and Colorful Flameless Candles

Candles in decorative wall sconces can add a tremendous amount of color and design to a room, especially a rustic log home. Look for candle walls sconces in a hue that does not blend in with natural log cabin walls, and outfit the holders with vibrantly colored flameless candles. Flameless varieties are safer than typical candles, especially when mounted next to natural log walls. Place a set of candle sconces complete with colorful flameless candles around a beautiful painting or wall mirror. The flameless candles will cast a realistic glow across log cabin walls and the artwork or wall hangings they highlight.

Add Natural Color and Design with Acrylic Wall Art

Not all log cabins offer natural color with a scenic view of the outdoors. Many log cabins are located in populated towns and subdivisions in areas that are less than scenic, but it is possible to provide a scenic view no matter where the home is located. Acrylic wall art makes this possible. Photos of natural scenes such as lush green forests, majestic snow-covered mountains, tranquil lakes, magnificent waterfalls, rocky streams, and breathtaking sunsets are encased in thick polished acrylic, and they look magnificent when hung on natural log cabin walls. Not only will acrylic wall art add color to natural log cabin walls, but from across the room it will look as if a beautiful scenic view is within reach, right outside the log cabin window.

Hang Natural Photo Prints on Canvas

Another easy way to add color to natural log walls is with photo prints on canvas. Like acrylic wall art they depict colorful scenic pictures, but they are less expensive and more affordable for those on a decorating budget. Search for photo prints on canvas and you will find scenic white sand beaches, flowers, natural wonders of the world, and more. Photo prints on canvas are frameless works of art that will also add color without the problem of wood frames blending in with log walls. They are a fantastic way to add color without commitment.

Create a Colorful Focal Point in Each Room

When decorating the interior walls of a log cabin, create a colorful focal wall in each room. Use one large eye-catching piece as the center of the design, and pull it together with the addition of smaller accent pieces such as metal wall art in a related theme. For example, a large oil painting of a quaint country cottage can be further embellished with the addition of floral metal wall sculptures mounted on both sides.

Natural log cabin walls are absolutely beautiful, and with the aforementioned ways to decorate, they can be further enhanced without making permanent changes. Enjoy the beauty provided by natural wood log cabin walls, and when decorated in colorful ways, they will never become dull or lack personal style.

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