Removing Candle Wax Spills on The Carpet

Removing Candle Wax Spills on The Carpet

Candles are really useful home accessories that have many different purposes. It can be used to create a romantic atmosphere when having a nice dinner with your significant other. It can also be utilized to set the mood or for aromatherapy among other things.

Overall, candles are really nice to have but you should be very careful not to accidentally spill the candle wax on your carpet. This is because doing so will be really problematic as the candle wax can get on your carpet and cause the fibers to get clumped together.

Candle wax spills can be really difficult to clean up but it is important that the homeowner knows how to properly do this to get the carpet clean. If you have this issue in your home, follow the guide below to help you out.

• The first thing that you will have to do is to not do anything for a while. Yes, you read that correctly as you would need to let some time pass to allow the wax to harden first. Cleaning candle wax while it is still wet is extremely difficult which is why you must let it harden first before attempting to remove it.

• After the candle wax has hard and dry already, what you will need to do is to use a dull knife to carefully pick at and remove the dried wax on the carpet. Do this repeatedly until you are able to remove as much of it as possible. After doing so, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose particles on the carpet.

• The previous steps will be able to remove some of the candle wax but there are chances that you may still have some of wax left behind on the carpet fibers. To get rid of this, get a clean paper bag and then spread it over the affected area of the carpet. Then, use a steam iron and run it over the paper bag.

• Repeat the previous step a couple of times to melt the candle wax and then get it to stick on the surface of the paper bag. This is the best way to remove the candle wax without it having any negative effects on the carpet fibers.

• After you have removed the wax, you still have to rinse the area where the wax used to be. Do this by pouring a glass of clean water on the area you just cleaned and then dry it completely with some clean towels to finish off the job.

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  1. If the wax is coloured the stain could remain after removing the wax, if so you could use 3% Hydrogen peroxide to remove it. It won’t damage the fiber of your carpets and does not need to be rinsed out.

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