An Ancient Beauty Secret That Rejuvenates Your Skin and Your Body

An Ancient Beauty Secret That Rejuvenates Your Skin and Your Body

Regular face massage is a great way of improving the skins tone and texture, firming the underlying muscles and tissue structure. So many of us are completely oblivious to the amount of tension we carry in our facial muscles. The face and scalp are full of pressure points and nerve endings, that when stimulated have a hugely beneficial effect on our physical appearance and psychological health.

A good facial massage will help relax tension, soften the complexion and strengthen the muscle tissues. Although there are various different massage movements used by professional therapists, employing just one or two movements for self treatment can make a significant difference to the skin and the temperament. The easiest way to carry out a self massage is to use small and gentle circular movements on the entire face.

For optimal benefits, facial massage should be given by someone else, but self treatment can also yield great results as long as some basic points are followed. This is a holistic treatment and offers best results when performed regularly over a long period of time.

As well as rejuvenating and enlivening the complexion, facial massage is also an excellent therapy for sinus congestion, migraines and stress.

Benefits of Facial Massage:

  • Reduces stress
  • Stimulates blood circulation to the surface tissues, this in turn provides nutrients and nourishment to the skin, promoting a youthful and healthy complexion.
  • Reduces puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Relieves nasal congestion.
  • Helps migraines.
  • Helps to detoxify and deep cleanse the skin by loosening dead skin cells.
  • Tones the skin.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes dry skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps reduce/fade scars.
  • Encourages an even skin tone.
  • Helps to soften expression lines.

Some Points to Note Before Carrying Out Facial Massage:

  • Never massage infected, irritated, inflamed skin.
  • Never drag the skin during facial massage.
  • Always remove all jewellery prior to treatment
  • Massage should be carried out on freshly cleansed skin
  • Use a natural plant based carrier oil for facial massage
  • As a general rule, upward and outward movements should be used during a facial massage.

Recommended Oils for Facial Massage:

  • Avocado, Shea butter, Evening Primrose, Pomegranate oil for dehydrated skin.
  • Coconut, Rosehip, Grapeseed, hazelnut oil for normal skin.
  • Rosehip, Vitamin e oil for scarred/blemished skin.
  • Thistle, Coconut , Hemp seed oil for greasy skin.
  • Pumpkin seed, Walnut, Argan oil for mature skin.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. If you have any medical/skin conditions please refer to your health practitioner before carrying out any self treatments.

The Author:

Marisa is a therapist and founder of Alive Earth Skincare.

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