Attractive Room Divider Options

Attractive Room Divider Options

Large open rooms can stretch out like enormous banquet halls, giving your home a sense of grandeur that is inherent to its architectural bones. However such spaces are often difficult to lay out, with the lack of structure making it hard to envision to perfect spot for your various room elements.Often a space such as this can be framed with furniture, but this can leave the area feeling disjointed and random. However the use of room dividers can give such an area a sense of boundaries, creating temporary, mobile walls which can subdivide a large room into various portions, without completely eliminating the grandeur of such a style.

Stand alone room dividers can be purchased in a variety of materials and styles to match the existing décor within a space. You can find pieces featuring different types of wood, bamboo, wrought iron, rice paper, chain, canvas, cloth or silk. These are most often mobile pieces which can be moved, either on wheels or by sliding the piece across the floor, giving you the option to reinvent your spaces whenever you like.

A less expensive option is to purchase garden trellis from your local hardware store. This material is often available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns, and can easily be painted or stained to match your homes interior. Unlike stand alone pieces, trellis materials will have to be secured to the ceiling, walls, or floor, in order to keep it in a single position. However its light weight and easy enough to work with that it can be moved with only a minimum of hassle.

There are actually a variety of ways to create your own attractive, low cost room dividers using materials you can find at a hardware store. If you can create some sort of a frame to act as the structural outline for the piece, the interior of that frame can be filled with just about any material you can imagine. Glass bricks, decorative papers, various tapestries or cloth hangings, or even a plywood sheet lined with mosaic tile patterns are all wonderful options for filling out your home made dividers.

Even without the frame there are still a number of ways to get creative customizing your own unique room dividers. Silk vines, hanging beads, and other stringed options can be cut to the length of the room and then attached to the ceiling using drawing pins. Stretched out they create an airy, natural feeling, that can create a unique, light filtering curtain in the midst of the space.

Curtains are another great option for hanging room dividers. These can be used to cut off cozy corners and alcoves, creating tiny nooks along the edges of the space. The use of thick, rich materials will give the space a sense of luxury and decadence. Blinds can be hung from ceiling down to about the height of a bar top, allowing you the option to close off open kitchens when the dishes start to pile up.

Room dividers are an attractive way to make your own architectural subdivisions within large rooms. They can be purchased ready made in a variety of styles and materials, or you can craft them yourself using framing or hanging techniques. Almost anything can be used to build a makeshift wall, so keep your eyes open, and always be on the lookout for new and exciting decorative options for divvying up your spaces.

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