Balcony Tips: How to Easily Create an Above Ground Garden

Balcony Tips: How to Easily Create an Above Ground Garden

Living in a condo or apartment shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying of the fresh tastes or heavenly scents of Spring and Summer. Even with the smallest of balconies, you can create a garden that suits your style – 25 floors high. Make the most of your balcony this year with these tips from The Home Depot Canada:

Check Your Housing Policies

First check the building’s balcony policies before creating your garden to avoid trouble down the road.

Consider Micro Climate

Climate plays a significant role in determining what is best suited for growing on your balcony. Observe how much sun your balcony receives and for how long. Pay attention to wind strength. If the sun or wind is too strong, consider building a barrier to protect the plants.

Choose Your Garden Type

Determine what plants to grow on your balcony. Fresh herbs? Produce? Sweet-smelling flowers? There are countless possibilities. Be realistic with the amount of space available and choose plants appropriately.

Incorporate Design

Consider the view of the balcony from inside before committing to a design. Use a large plant, water fountain or trellis as a focal point and incorporate upward growing plants or hanging baskets to utilize vertical space.

Go Lightweight

Avoid heavy containers as they can add dangerous weight to the balcony’s structure. Select lightweight containers instead. Many lightweight containers come in a variety of fashionable colours and are made to resemble clay.

Relish The Landscape

Remember to leave room for patio furniture and people so you can enjoy the new view.

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For more tips on how to make the most out of your balcony this gardening season visit The Home Depot in your community.

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