Basic Smoothie Ingredients

Basic Smoothie Ingredients

When making smoothies you will want to make sure you have some basic ingredients on hand.

With these basic ingredients, a bowl full of fruit, vegetables, and your imagination you will surely come up with some fabulously delicious and original smoothie recipes! The ingredients below is just a short list of some of the basic ingredients used in most smoothie recipes.

Having these ingredients on hand will make creating an experimenting with smoothie making a more pleasant and FUN experience.

Blender – I know this isn’t really an ingredient, but a good blender will really help you in your smoothie making process. So be sure to have a blender on hand before attempting to make a smoothie.

Yogurt – Yogurt is a really great base for all smoothies. It gives it a great texture. Vanilla yogurt goes great with any smoothie, but you can also change it up a bit and keep several different flavors on hand like lemon and strawberry yogurt.

Milk – Using milk in a smoothie is way better than using water. It gives the smoothie more flavor and texture. If you are a vegetarian or lactose intolerant than Soy milk will do. I prefer the vanilla flavored soy milk. My favorite is the 8th continent light vanilla soy milk.

Juice – Orange juice serves a great base for a sweeter smoothie. Apple juice and grape juice can also be used as well. If you are using milk or yogurt as a base, adding a little orange juice can help give it a sweet taste, and could even replace using a sweetener or sugar in your smoothie. Using a tomato juice or another vegetable juice can help add even more nutrition and flavor to your smoothies!

Tofu – Adding a little tofu to a smoothie is a great way to get a low fat, good for you, protein in your diet. Combined with the soy milk you could easily net 6 grams of protein in ONE smoothie. No need to worry about the taste, most of the time the tofu just blends in with the flavors of the smoothie.

Ice – Use ice in your smoothie if you are wanting to make your smoothie thicker. Ice is also great for getting that frothy smoothie texture.

Sweetener & Salt – Using sweetener and a pinch of salt can really make the flavors of your smoothie more distinct. Try to keep the salt to a minimum, only use a pinch of it or to taste – until the flavors stand out and are more distinct.

Honey – Honey is another great way to add a little sweetness to your smoothie.

Fun – Making smoothies is about having fun! Don’t forget to add this special ingredient to every smoothie you make!

When making smoothies, use your imagination and add different kinds of fruits, and even vegetables to your smoothies. Different kinds of nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, and walnuts not only add a nice flavor to smoothies but can also be a great way to add protein to your smoothie. Don’t forget things like peanut butter or cashew butter can also be used to make a smoothie!

If you keep these basic smoothie ingredients on hand you will have the freedom to create a unique and yummy smoothie at the drop of a dime.

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