Bee Pollen: B12 or Not to Get B12 Would be Dangerous

When it comes to a nutrient that gives you nearly every vitamin known to man, its bee pollen.Bee pollen has been researched for centuries and has been proven to be one of the purest nutrients available. Among one of the most important vitamins in bee pollen is B12. If you want to think clearly, digest your food better and have energy, take bee pollen. B12 is essential to many of the body’s functions and systems, and is found in this little natural treasure.

The Many Benefits of Using Bee Pollen to Get B12

With all the benefits of using bee pollen, there is plenty to write home about! Because B12 is so important you can get it by taking bee pollen and get all the other vitamins and minerals while you’re at it. Sound good? While many doctors and nutritionists knock the use of bee pollen, B12 is important and it contains plenty of it.

The biggest challenge overall is that B12 is often never sourced by companies that sell diet products. They often promise plenty of this, and a little of that, but has their source been proven to contain what they claim to give you? I can tell you that with different grades of B12 it is important to know where it’s coming from and how much you are getting.

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Bee Pollen, B12 and What Studies Show

Bee pollen is loaded with vitamins and minerals, but that doesn’t mean that you will get everything you need from it within a week. Taking bee pollen over time has been proven to be effective in many areas of health and wellness, but taking bee pollen alone won’t change a B12 deficiency completely. Research has shown that those who took bee pollen in conjunction with a healthy diet received the most benefits.

B12 deficiencies were not cured by bee pollen alone, but it was extremely helpful. Bee pollen B12 is not found in enormous quantities, but there is plenty of supplementation in it for someone to use it on a daily basis and begin feeling the difference within 30 days or more. The B12 vitamin is essential for the body’s ability to function at its optimal level, and should be carefully observed by those who are vegetarian because plants cannot make B12 on their own.

Side Effects of Bee Pollen Could Work in Your Favor or Make you Sneeze

What many people refer to as side effects could actually be beneficial to them. When it comes to bee pollen, B12 is a benefit which means your metabolism increases therefore aiding in weight loss and substantial energy throughout your day. Some negative side effects that should be noted are for those who are concerned about allergies to ragweed. Many plants that have bee pollen in them will have ragweed as well, and this could cause an itchy throat, wheezing, coughing, or even a flushing of the skin.

Getting the true benefits of the bee pollen B12 supplementation will be at its best when you incorporate that with a healthy diet. You can begin healthy weight loss, have clearer thinking, have more energy, and have healthy blood cell production. The value of bee pollen is so high, that if you were on a deserted island, you could survive on bee pollen alone!

Don’t starve yourself though if you are living at home and not on the island; keep in mind bee pollen will build up in your body over time, so start using today and it will bee-come a habit!

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