Benefits of Honey, Carrots and Black Dates

Benefits of Honey, Carrots and Black Dates

Honey, Carrots and Black dates are some of the best natural home remedies and are very useful in Naturopathic Treatments. Taking these daily constitutes many treatments in Naturopathy.

Here are Some Benefits of Honey, Carrot and Black Dates


Honey is one of the most natural home remedies since it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that heal wounds and burns. Honey contains carbohydrates which give energy and strength to our body. Irrespective of age, anyone can use honey.

Add little bit of honey to water and take it daily to reduce fat and increase fitness. Honey improves eyesight and adding honey to milk can also improve digestion. Honey with cinnamon powder prevents stomach ulcers. Honey can be used as a cleanser. It is a good moisturizer too. For oily skins banana and honey paste gives good results. It can be used for garnishing and flavors. Natural honey from bees only has these benefits. According to Naturopathy, a spoon of honey daily can ensure a healthy life.

Some precautions while using honey:

Do not heat honey

Do not add it to hot and spicy food items because it enhances poisonous nature

Excess honey may cause illness


Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin A. It acts as an antioxidant to our body and also contains vitamin B, C and E. Carrots have no fat and no cholesterol. Carrot juice increases immunity.

Eating carrots daily

Strengthens bones and teeth Improves eye site

Eliminates cancer causing radicals in our body It increases fairness

Carrot is a magnificent cleansing medical herb for liver It purifies the blood

Carrot can also be used for garnishing and for salads

Chewing a carrot immediately eating food eradicates the harmful germs in mouth

Carrot seed oil is used for skin and scalp. In Europe carrot seed oil (wild carrot) is available. Carrot oil is used for hair which gives strength and shine to hair and repairs split ends. It can also be used for skin infections. A wild carrot per day might keep death itself away.

Black Dates:

Black dates are rich in several minerals; vitamin A and B which are essential for body functions and red blood cells production are available in plenty in black dates. Since they have tannic content it can be used in medicine. Dates can be considered as ideal food. These contain high content of iron which is required for blood circulation in our body. Magnesium is available in dates which are essential for bone growth. Balck Dates are used generously in treating many diseases like anemia and other problems in Naturopathy.

Eating Black Dates daily helps reduce cholesterol levels

Black Dates decrease the risk of heart disease and give long lasting energy to our body

Black Dates help maintain healthy nervous system and strengthen the tooth enamel

They are effective in preventing abdominal cancer

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