Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Best Kept Beauty Secrets

A few beauty secrets that will help refresh your look.

* Do you feel you’re putting on weight again? Need to shed a few pounds? Play classical music during meals. You’ll end up eating less.

* Is your itchy scalp plaguing you? Add an aspirin to your shampoo. Wait till it dissolves. Stir it well. Wash your hair with it, massaging it well into your scalp. It combats dandruff effectively.

* Dull skin? Does it make you look tired all the time? No problem. Just wipe your face with a moist green tea bag. And Voila! You’re beginning to glow already. Or to refresh your eyes, place the tea bags on your closed eyelids for ten minutes or so. There! The sparkle is back in your eyes.

* Oh no! A night out and the grey is beginning to show. Honey, just use your mascara to touch up your roots. It’s very effective for an evening.

* The peak of summer. And you’re sweating like a horse. Especially on your feet. Sweaty feet smell. Get savvy. Apply some anti-perspirant on the inside of your shoes just before you wear them.

*  For healthy skin, wash your face with milk powder twice a day. Marvel at the difference.

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