Candle Making Containers and Jars

Candle Making Containers and Jars

The great thing about candle making containers is that you can get really creative with them! You could buy them or you can use materials found at your home. Whatever materials you do find at home, make sure the material is strong and non-flammable!

You wouldn’t want anything to catch on fire from a beautiful, freshly made candle. The best material to use is glass –tempered glass. One type of glass that can be perfect to use are the canning jars made for jams and jellies! They are made to withstand the high heat from boiling water, so you should find these perfect substitutes for mason jars.

As for non-glass containers, tin is a good choice. It’s easy, light and you’ve probably seen cheap candles in tin containers. They seem to hold the scents well too especially when they are covered.

If you do decide to use materials from home, here are some suggestions:

  • glass bottles
  • canning jars
  • condiment jars
  • tin containers
  • soup cans
  • food- yes food! You can use hollowed out mini pumpkins. Perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving
  • martini glasses – thick!
  • wine glasses – thick!

Don’t Stop There–Decorate

You could pull out your old sewing kit and find some interesting things there, or your jewelry beading box. Grab all of your necessary supplies like a glue gun, scissors,etc. and start brainstorming!

Some creative supplies can include: glitter glue, paint, sequins, glass dots, twine, a glue gun-the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Here are a couple of suggestions you can try out.

Stencil Art

Glitter glue is fun! you can draw patterns up and down your glass, or you can go to a craft store like Michael’s and get some paper stencils or sticker stencils with the shapes that you like, stick them on the glass container, and draw in and around them. Let the glue dry and peel the stencil off and voila–a newly decorated and shiny container!

Beaded Container

Take out your glue gun – it’ll be your best friend!

Grab some beads from a jewelry kit or beads hanging around the house.

Glue each one around the rim of the container and let dry. You’ll have a candle container that is simple yet elegant.

Glass Etch/Stencil Designs

You can use either glass etching fluid and paint it on a stencil or some people suggest you take a can of clear hairspray and spray the stencil, let it dry and on your container will be a beautiful intricate design!

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