Candle Making Molds

Candle Making Molds

Molds for making candles can be purchased easily on several web sites or in specialty craft stores. There are many types of candle making molds in hundreds of designs available.

One Piece Seamless Molds are Convenient

One piece seamless molds are convenient. They are usually aluminum and have a hole in them to hold the wick in place while the wax is cooling and curing. These may be air cooled at room temperature, put in a refrigerator for faster cooling or in a cool water bath. The idea of the one piece candle making molds is that you don’t need to trim a seam when the candle is removed.

Tea Light Candle Molds

Tea light candle molds are made of a durable but flexible polyurethane material. They usually hold 12-16 candle making molds and look similar to a popsicle mold.

Designer Polycarbonate Candle Making Molds

Designer polycarbonate candle making molds have a pin on the top to hold the wick in place, and come in a large array of shapes and sizes to choose from. The ability to create many odd and fascinating shapes make these types of molds very attractive. The pyramid is probably the best known of this mold.

Grubby Molds

Grubby molds are very unique. This type of candle making mold appears as if the wax has dripped down the sides leaving a very uneven finish to the candle. Beeswax molds are similar to grubby molds as the texture in rough and appears to be a bee honeycomb.

Animal Candle Molds

Animal candle molds are usually made out of polyurethane and have a slit on the side due to the uneven shapes and sizes. There are many molds available in this style for every occasion. Baby showers, florals, weddings, food, fruit and vegetables along with every holiday have molds of these types to create your own candles.

Anyone can make their own candle making molds out of practically anything. You can use a vegetable or soup can by piercing a small hole in the bottom in which to insert the wick and pouring the wax in. When it is cool, just open the bottom with a can opener and push the candle out. Glass vases make gorgeous molds, but remember that in order to remove the candle easily the top of the vase needs to be larger than the bottom. Paper milk cartons can be cut and formed to any shape you wish and either stapled together or hot glued. If they are stapled, you just remove the staples to get the candle out or if hot glued together, you can just tear the paper away from the finished candle. Well that’s just a few of the tips and tricks on candle molds. Have fun and enjoy.

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