Canker Sores Treatment and Safe Herbal Remedies for Canker Sores

Canker Sores Treatment and Safe Herbal Remedies for Canker Sores

A canker sore is a painful, open sore in the mouth. Canker sores are white or yellow and surrounded by a bright red area. Those are not cancerous.

If you’ve ever had open wounds, shallow mouth and takes a swig of orange juice – ouch! – Do you know what pain canker sores can be? You are not alone, either. One in five people recurrent thrush. What can you do? Read on to find out.

Cold sores, also known as canker sores are small ulcers that occur inside the mouth. You can get them on the tongue and inside cheeks and lips – the parts of the mouth that can move.

Usually arise alone, but sometimes appear in small groups.
The exact cause of most canker sores is unknown. Stress or tissue injury is believed to be the cause of simple canker sores.
Certain foods – including citrus or acidic and vegetables (such as lemons, oranges, pineapples, apples, figs, tomatoes and strawberries) – can cause a canker sore or make the problem worse.

Sometimes a sharp tooth surface or dental appliance such as braces or ill-fitting dentures, might also lead to mouth ulcers.

A canker sore is a sore in her mouth open. This is also a aphtlous ulcer. It is very painful. The upper throat which normally has a break in the mucous membrane. The cause of canker sores is unknown. The condition is known as aphthous stomatitis and Sutton’s disease.

Thrush is another name for the ulcer. Thrush is the term used to give a description of the areas ulcers in the mucous membranes that have. Aphthous stomatitis is a disease that is repeated ulcer dominated areas which are predominantly painful.

Canker sores are a real headache, especially when it is wrong in the mouth. Canker sores are classified into three categories: minor canker sore, canker sore big pain herpetiformis.

The minor form of thrush is the most common. It affects between 20-50% of the population, but fortunately, most people are a canker or less each year.

“An ulcer disease (also known as thrush) is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth or upper throat, caused by a break in the mucous membrane. The condition is also known as stomatitis disease, and alternatively as “Sutton’s Disease,” especially in the case of multiple or recurring ulcers.

Home Remedies for Canker Sores

1. Rinse your mouth with aloe juice frequently.

2. Put some alum on the canker sore. Repeat this twice a day. Helps relieve pain and speeds healing.

Apply some baking powder on the sores. Can be used as a powder or paste form. This will reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

3. Rinse your mouth several times a day by a mouthwash prepared by mixing a teaspoon. baking soda in half a cup of warm water.

4. Prepare a mouthwash; put 5-6 drops of grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with this at least once a day. It is an excellent disinfectant.

5. Prepare a rinse with three parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide. Use this mouthwash twice a day.

6. Onion is another excellent home remedy for thrush. Apply some raw onions to the sores.

7. Rinse your mouth with plum juice. If the pain is so bad then apply the juice on the sore with a cotton ball.

8. Eat fruit or chew fresh papaya fresh papaya leaves. If fresh papaya leaves or papaya fruits are not available, then you can also use papaya tablets.

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