Chasteberry for PMS

Chasteberry for Pms

If you are experiencing mood swings, hot flashes, stress, cramps, and PMS, you need the calming effect of chasteberry. For menstrual and reproductive health, chasteberry is taken in capsule form. Women in their reproductive years will get relief from premenstrual symptoms, and have a healthy sex drive. In men, this will support healthy progesterone levels. The herb is combined with other herbs to produce the desired results. For women entering into menopause, the herb in cream formulation will help minimize the discomfort brought about by hot flashes. Using the cream in small amounts on the body morning and evening for 21 days will regulate the monthly periods. The berry is also used to treat endometriosis in women. Overall, the herb can promote better sleep, concentration, cellular support, digestion, and increase energy levels.

Chasteberry is a potent ingredient in medications for fibroid cysts, help clear acne disorders, and even prevent miscarriages in pregnant women. Chasteberry contain flavoniods, iridoid, terpenoids and glycosides. The action of these compounds on the pituitary glands and the production of the luteinizing hormone create a positive effect on women’s periods; it is thought that this hormone can assist women become pregnant. As a fertile aid, it will restore the hormonal balance while promoting the health of the reproductive system. If you use this as an aid for fertility, follow the directions prescribed.

The use of chasteberry was made popular by a German pharmaceutical firm in the 1950s. It has become a regular prescription for premenstrual syndromes. The body produces prolactin. During pregnancy this is a natural occurrence. However, when it is produced to high levels in women who are not pregnant; it will cause painful breast tenderness. Chasteberry herb reduces PMS symptoms by regulating the release of prolactin. Women have resorted to this natural drug when their menses have stopped. However, women are advised to see a physician as there may be underlying causes for the cessation of the menses during the reproductive years.

This berry is found in the Mediterranean area. The berry is the fruit of the chaste tree, which is a small shrub with blue flowers. The shrub grows to a height between 1 to 5 meters. It thrives well under full sun and partial shade. The dark berries are picked when ripe between the months of October and November. Before these are processed, these are dried under the sun. For medications, the fleshy part of the berry is used. The berries contain glycocides, flavonids, and essential oils. The berry was used for centuries to cure menstrual cramps and pains. In the modern times, studies showed that there was no adverse effect on women taking chasteberry-based medication. Chasteberry supplements are available in tablets, tea, cream, and tincture forms. The benefits of the berry fruit of the chaste shrub cannot be ignored. It would do well to take the supplements to calm pains and cramps as well improve sexual vigor. Side effects such as stomach upsets in rare cases may be experienced.

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