A Detailed Checklist for a Clean Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning

A bathroom, although perhaps small compared to other rooms in the house, has quite a few different surfaces that need specialized care. In addition, because of the germs present, you have to be certain to disinfect surfaces. It is most efficient if you work from the top to the bottom, and move around the room in one direction. To ensure that you don’t miss cleaning anything in your bathroom, a checklist can be helpful. The following checklist can be used in two ways. In its entirety, it is a detailed checklist that lists specific tasks that must be done. Once the scope of these tasks becomes routine, however, then you may only need to use the subject headings as your checklist.


___Rubber Gloves


___Toilet Bowl Cleaner

___Garbage cans

___Detergent with disinfectant properties

___Disposable rags

___Remove all towels, washcloths, rugs

___Empty Trash Can

Ceiling, Walls and Shelves

___remove spider webs from ceiling

___begin in one corner of the ceiling

___dust, from top of wall to floor

___if right-handed, move clockwise

___if left-handed, move counter-clockwise

___Dust towel bars

___Dust top of door

___Dust door frame

___Dust Door

___Disinfect doorknob

___Disinfect light switches

___Dust shelves, doors, cabinets

___Dust any decorations or candles

___Dust Top of Medicine Cabinet

___Clean all mirrors

___Remove dried debris from walls or splash guards

Bathtub/Shower Enclosure

___Scrub and polish shower-head

___Wipe shower curtain rod and hooks

___Begin at top, and work your way down the walls

___Scrub tiles

___Scrub grout

___Scrub bath faucet

___Scrub bath spigot

___Rinse walls

___Scrub bath tub

___Wipe and disinfect shower curtain

___Clean drain traps

___Rinse bathtub


___Remove all bottles, jars, etc from surface

___Dust surfaces

___Wipe or Scrub Counter Top

___Scrub sink basin

___Polish faucet and spigot

___Scrub and Polish Drain

___Rinse Sink

___Dry counter top

___Wipe down bottles, jars, etc, and reposition them

___Wipe areas under sink – pedestal or outer doors


___ Clean top and sides of toilet tank

___ Scrub toilet seat with Disinfectant.

___ Scrub Interior of toilet bowl. Use disinfectant.

___ Wipe and disinfect top of toilet bowl.

___ Disinfect area where lid and seat are hinged

___ Wipe outside of toilet bowl, down to base

___ Wipe around to backside of toilet base

___ Rinse bowl of toilet by flushing


___ Use dry rag or mop to remove dust and hairballs

___ Pay attention to corners, and behind the door

___ Wash floor with detergent and disinfectant

___ Scrub grout

___ Wait for floor to dry before replacing rugs

Trash can

___Empty once more if needed

___Disinfect interior surface

___Disinfect exterior surface

___Insert a clean bag

Replacing Rugs and Towels

___At minimum, vacuum rugs

For the following two steps, use water that is as hot as the fabric can tolerate.

___It is preferable to wash rugs in washing machine

___Wash towels and washcloths

___Replace rugs on dry floor

___Replace toilet lid covers and tank covers on dry toilet

___Hang new towels on towel rack

___Position hand towels

___If needed, insert a fresh roll of toilet paper

The Author:

Penelope Pettikrew is known as the Speed Cleaning Queen. She has spent over 25 years optimizing her cleaning methods so that she could spend less time cleaning and more time with her daughter and husband. In her latest book, “Speed Cleaning Secrets Revealed,” she shares her techniques for getting the maximum amount of cleaning done in a minimum amount of time.

2 thoughts on “A Detailed Checklist for a Clean Bathroom

  1. Drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets into the toilet bowl and let the bubbles do their magic. Toss used towels in a pile outside the door; stash odds and ends (brushes, hair dryer) in drawers or a pretty basket. Get rid of melty soap bars and lingering chips.

  2. Home Cleaning Tip: A great way to speed up cleaning the toilet is with a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer. Primarily used for superior hygiene it can also be used to spray a powerful blast of water under the rim and all around the bowl both after using the toilet and when cleaning it. It will also save you a lot of money on toilet paper! See bathroomsprayers.com.

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