Chic Storage Ideas to Corral Clutter

With the fall season comes cool weather and more time indoors. Snuggling up with blankets and partaking in activities at home can create more clutter than usual around the house. Instead of getting frustrated, it’s easy to add stylish storage to corral extra items. Get organized and keep your home clutter-free with a few smart tips.

Neat Reading Racks

Many people enjoy a good read before counting sheep. However, books, magazines and tablets can just add disarray if left scattered around the bedroom. To combat this type of clutter, add wall-mounted magazine racks or crates to hold your reading pieces. Paint a wooden crate using FrogTape Multi-Surface painter’s tape. Add stripes in striking colors for a reading rack that’s functional and fabulous looking. FrogTape is the only tape treated with PaintBlock Technology, which forms a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you sharp and precise paint lines. Learn more at After drying, cut your crate down the middle – you now have two spots for book storage. Install simple wall-hanging brackets to the edges of the crates and attach each to the wall with drywall anchors for a sturdy and safe finish. These are also great for stowing away toys in a child’s playroom or towels in the bathroom.

Boost Bedroom Storage

If every closet, nook and cranny in your home is occupied, it’s time to look toward other avenues for order. Calm your chaos with under-bed storage units by transforming old dresser drawers into storage space. Paint the drawers in the color of your choice and drill casters to the bottom for easy rolling access. Slide them under your bed and you can now neatly put away items that were once a nuisance.

Multipurpose Seating

Chic ottomans and cushioned benches are great pieces that provide extra seating in family rooms. But in addition to their pleasant outward appearance, many contain hidden storage underneath the lid. Neatly stow away movies, games, blankets and pillows that would otherwise crowd this high-traffic area. Position the furniture as an accent piece or place a lengthy bench along a window for a cozy reading nook, while simultaneously increasing your storage.

Get organized and keep your home clutter-free with a few smart tips.

Cozy Staircase Storage

The space under stairs is often overlooked as a storage spot, since it’s usually closed off with drywall. What most homeowners don’t realize is this tricky triangle is typically hollow, and the “wasted” space can be utilized to store your family’s odds and ends. For extra functionality, transform it into a closet if you’re a DIY weekend warrior. All you’ll need is a couple of days and these steps:

* First, frame the door opening for your new closet. Use a drywall saw to create the outline that fits the pre-hung door of your choice. Secure the hinged side to the frame and use wood shims (thin pieces of wood that will properly align the door) to ensure it’s a secure fit within the opening.

* Next, you’ll need to create the closet walls inside. Measure the area of the closet and cut sheets of plywood or drywall to those dimensions (depending on how “finished” you’d like the final space to look). Paint the plywood in the color of your choice and install it by nailing it to the existing studs. Just keep in mind that drywall will require a few extra steps, like taping, mudding and sanding before it’s ready to paint.

* Now, determine what size storage containers and hooks the space will allow and create shelves and cubbies. Using a nail gun, install ledger strips around the entire closet to support the shelves, making sure they’re level. Secure with screws and install your painted shelves for a cozy – and contained – storage solution.

If the construction of this project seems a bit too ambitious, reach out to a trusted contractor to handle the building components. You can tackle the most fun part – painting!

Whether you have limited storage or are simply looking for ways to bring order to your home, now is the time to reorganize. With these suggestions, you’ll achieve a modernized and tidy living space, in no time at all.

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