It’s Christmas time! For a successful fete, you need to open your mind, to relax and be happy! You can also transform your Christmas tree and arrangements in some real peaces of art! This will rejoice your quests. Here comes some advice for you to assort a Feng shui style to the Christmas celebration.

* Feng Shui philosophy recommends you to use a lot of green. The green of the Christmas tree or plants (Christmas flower, mistletoe) is a relaxing color and it will inspire peace, calm, pleasant state of mind, incurring all the bad energies produced by the color agglomeration and the warmth. Don’t use too much red to decorate your house for Christmas, because it’s considered the fire power and it’s not good for your estate.

Christmas Angel – Photo. Magda Ehlers

* The Christmas angel figurines create a happy story world and inspire good feelings. So use them to decorate your house.

* Get together your family members to decorate the Christmas tree, to create a special moment and to entail the good energies of the ritual.

* Feng Shui means equilibrium. Therefore don’t you overcrowd the air with too many colors. Put on some Christmas carols.

* The Christmas table has to be a round one. This suggests equality and intimacy, for the conversation to be opened.

* Put some candles on the table. This will increase the energy and the good feelings.

* Decorate Your Christmas tree in Feng Shui colors Golden and silvery colors.

The presence of the Christmas tree such colored will be a reason for a large and opened mind conversation, because those colors represent money, power and fame. Red is the color of the life. Though the red arrangements inspire love and passion, too much red in your Christmas tree will be tiresome, because Feng Shui culture considers that red is full of energy. We recommend you to avoid this powerful color for a Feng Shui Christmas celebration. Blue is the symbol of the spirit. It means God faith, trust and fidelity. It’s important for the Feng Shui air to add some blue in your Christmas arrangement, because is a soothing and cool color. It’s the metal color. And, for who doesn’t know, the metal is one of the five elements that compose the Feng Shui creation cycle: the water feeds and gives birth to the wood, that starts the fire which produces the ash and the last one goes to earth. From earth here comes the mountain that contains metal to extract and from the mountain the water flows.

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Aura Angheliu

Photo. Paola L


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