Clever and Inexpensive Craft Storage Ideas

Clever and Inexpensive Craft Storage Ideas

As a crafter, you surely have plenty of bits and bobs all over the place. Of course there are very nice craft storage units available that can be bought, but most of them are quite expensive, especially if you have a lot to store. Here are a few clever and inexpensive ideas:

Shoe Bags

The type that is about the size of a large men’s shirt, and hangs in your wardrobe on a hanger. If you can find a clear plastic one that would be ideal if not, be sure to label each pocket with the contents it holds. You could even make your own if you sew, or you could get the right sized poly bags and stick them onto a piece of wood.

Coffee Cans and/or Biscuit Tins

Don’t discard them once you’ve finished what was inside! Wash them out and label them with the contents they’re going to hold. You can even get quite creative instead of storing them in a cupboard or shelf unit (which would probably be more difficult to get to) keep them on top of a spare desk or dresser, but dress them up first! You can wrap them with pretty leftover pieces of fabric, even rope, or spray paint them to the color/s you prefer.

Plant Pots

As for the above idea with tins/cans, you could decorate small plant pots that you no longer use, or you you could buy the cheap plastic ones at a nursery.

Glass Bottles

Think of the few that are in your fridge or grocery cupboard at the moment (pickles, mayonnaise, etc). You could have quite an array of different sizes to fit many different craft goodies, big and small. When you shop for groceries, consider spending a little more on a bottled item, knowing that you’ll maximize its usage.

Drawer Filing Units

The type of little unit that would sit on a desk and usually has four to six drawers big enough to hold a little over A4 size paper, but not too deep. Look around at stationery stores you will see the expensive plastic ones, but often you’ll also find cheaper ones made of board (which can also be decorated if you like).

Gift Boxes

If you ever receive a gift in one of those pretty gift boxes, keep the box for your bits and bobs, they’re usually the ideal size for something.

Good Luck, and have fun doing it!

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