Common Household Items and Ways You Can Reuse Them

Common Household Items and Ways You Can Reuse Them

We have typically talked about reusing common household items to be more environmentally friendly. Well, I wanted to expand our list of things that will have a second purpose. I’ve even included some items you might have never considered reusing.

1. Old Mattresses

The fabric from the mattress might be used for pillowcases, furniture coverings, sacks for storing items, grocery bags, rags, and even purses. It is possible to use the padding for a dog bed and also the foam for stuffing or even insulation. The springs may be used in art, or sold for scrap metal.

2. Toothpaste Tubes

First, cut off the cap end of the toothpaste tube and clean out the tube with hot soapy water. You are able to now use the tube to store knives and scissors in so you won’t cut yourself when grabbing for them in a drawer! You’ll be able to also clip off the bottom end of a toothpaste tube, clean it out, and fill the tube with icing. You now have a cake decorator that you’ll be able to use over and over.

3. Popsicle Sticks

One of my personal favorite uses of Popsicle sticks is for keeping track of your paint colors. After you’ve painted a room, dip a Popsicle stick in the can. After it has dried, write the name of the paint as well as the room where it was employed on the stick. Now, you’ve got an effortless way to know which color is in each room as well as the stick can very easily travel into your local home improvement store in the event you want more of the color again (for touch ups, etc). I also like to make use of Popsicle sticks as plant labels.

4. Paper Rolls (toilet paper or paper toweling)

You’ll be able to use paper rolls to effortlessly keep your electrical cords tangle free. You just need to have to fanfold the cord and pass it through the tube prior to plugging in. These tubes can also be utilized to store extension cords when they’re not in use. I frequently have my children decorate them before I use them in this way. An additional use we have for them is to use them to hold our hairbands. You just wrap them around a cardboard toilet paper tube, and you no longer have to look all over the house for your hairbands!

5. Old Curtains

Reuse old curtains as rags for dusting or cleaning your automobile.

6. Books

In the event you have books you no longer read, be sure to donate them to your local library or school. They will be thankful and it is a tax deduction for you! Oftentimes, they’ll also accept movies, magazines, and even comic books, making it a terrific method to clear out storage space with out adding to the landfill.

7. Water

As opposed to just dumping out the water within your kiddie pool, use it to water your plants and shrubs.

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