Cooking Eggs – 11 Ways to Cook The Right Way!

Cooking Eggs – 11 Ways to Cook The Right Way!

Not many know the simple ways of cooking eggs which anyone and everyone can use even if they are an expert in the kitchen.

Using fresh ingredients is the most important tip in cooking eggs. The longer the eggs were in the icebox the more the flavor reduces. And here are some more cooking tips which will be of use.

– Break the eggs right before cooking. If you break them on before hand, the freshness will be lost.

– Always break the egg on an even surface so that the egg will break neatly into two pieces. If you break the eggs at the rim of the bowl, the chances of the shell falling into the mix is more.

– Two great tips are, one, try avoiding foaming when you’re mixing and to enhance the flavors and textures strain the eggs.

– If possible, remove the foam which appears.

– You can prevent the dripping of water on the surface by tying a cloth under the lid while steaming. Do this when it is safe to do so.

– Use high flames in the beginning, and then cut down on the fire till the work is done. In order to check if the eggs done, a toothpick can be used to poke the egg. And if there is clear liquid in the whole then eggs are done steaming.

– Make sure that you don’t over cook the eggs. Then your dish might become very hard, and might lose its texture and flavor if it’s over cooked.

– Leave it to warm up slowly to the room temperature before beginning to boil them. They mite crack if you drop them into the boiling water after taking them right out of the refrigerator.

– You may boil your eggs from cold water. This may slowly raise the product temperature without cracking it.

– Soft boiling of eggs takes about 5-6 minutes. And hard boiling takes twice the much…

– Overcooking of eggs may discolor the yolk. Two important tips for cooking eggs are that the yolk will solidify even without boiling by just placing it in a bowl of hot water. Unless boiled the whites will remain in a semi solid state.

These are just a few useful tips in cooking eggs that can be used by everyone. Just try them and you may watch your family smiling with content.

And a great method to find out more tricks and methods is by going online for information. You may find many reputable and reliable sites which share information for this food .Cook books can also give you valuable information and tips on cooking eggs.

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