Country Decorating: Is Americana The Way to Go?

Country Decorating: Is Americana The Way to Go?

Many home decorators around the world use a country theme for at least one room in their home. Whether they desire a country kitchen or cozy country family room, there is a wide array of options for today’s country decorator. Most country decor doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

One very popular type of country decor is Americana. Americana decor consists of varying shades of red, white and blue. The Americana theme can be dressed up with decorative plates, stars, stripes, boxes and sentiments such as “Love, Faith, Hope,” just to name a few. Garland is a great wall or tabletop display for nearly every country theme and star garland is ideal for the Americana theme. Many people like to make use of quilts as wall hangings, table cloths or throws.

Muted colors add a very warm feel to almost any decorating theme. Country blues, pale greens, mauves and taupe are excellent color choices for your country theme. Using barn stars, baskets and candles can add a very lovely touch to the country themed room. Barn stars come in a variety of colors and in materials from rough or painted wood to rusted or painted metals. Of course other decor will help determine what type of barn star you go with.

You can never go wrong with baskets. Baskets can be tucked neatly in a corner as a magazine holder or used as centerpieces for elegantly decorated country tables. Most baskets can be filled with fruit, dried or fresh flowers, or simply displayed empty. You also can use small baskets as crayon or candle holders. If you have small children, a basket is a beautiful way to store their craft supplies.

Candles, garland and potpourri are very beautiful when displayed properly. Large candles can be wrapped in garland and used as decoration for any surface. Wooden wall shelves with candles and garland are a favorite wall accent for many country decorators. Smaller candles can be placed in a variety of country-style candle holders. If you do not have country-style candle holders and you are on a budget, simply use an inexpensive garland to achieve a more country look.

Wooden bowls or baskets filled with potpourri and small candles add elegance to almost any country room.

Using folk art or handmade pieces can add appeal to your country room. If you do not craft your own country items, you can usually find great deals at yard sales or flea markets. If you find a handmade piece you love but it doesn’t match your decorating plans, paint it. Paint is a very inexpensive and easy way to make sure your favorite items are usable in your newly decorated room.

Redesign items you already own to fit your country theme. Everyone has those favorite items they just can’t do without. Take your favorite clock, for example. You love it, it has to stay, but it doesn’t match the new theme for the room.

It’s very easy to make your favorite clock fit your new decor. Doing something as simple as changing the hands on your existing clock can give it a whole new look and feel. Just get some new hands from your local craft store. Adding a touch of paint to make it match your new decor is just as easy.

If your country decorating project is your kitchen, you can’t go wrong displaying your spice rack, pot holders and dish towels. You can use your dish towels as doilies on kitchen counters or eat-in kitchen tables.

Decorative dish towels are also great as wraps for your silverware. If you have a dish towel with the perfect pattern to be a wall hanging, buy an inexpensive frame for it and make it your own unique wall hanging. Wooden spice racks, bowls, candle holders and baskets are always a welcomed addition to the beautiful country kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “Country Decorating: Is Americana The Way to Go?

  1. Americana decor reminds me of my mom’s house. She has a really nice country kitchen decor mixed with Americana. She grew up on a farm, so that’s where she gets her inspiration. I like how many choices there are for Americana accent items, because it is such a popular theme.

  2. I really like how you mentioned that candles are a neat way to add to your country kitchen decor. My wife loves her country kitchen, and is always looking for new decor to add to change things up a little bit! I think that taking your suggestion to look for some candles would be something I could shop for online and see if I could surprise her with some new country kitchen decor she’d love! Thank you!

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