Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchens have always been the focal point of our homes. While the whole of our life revolves around food, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Most homeowners are willing to go that extra mile to make their kitchens very special. Since kitchen are often the place for family gatherings and important discussions, a warm and cozy ambiance is a must. Country style kitchen is a perfect blend of old world charm and modern comfort. Given below are some modern country kitchen ideas that will allow you to transform your kitchen into an authentic country kitchen. More on country style decorating ideas.

Country Kitchen Ideas and Tips


When one thinks of country kitchen decorating ideas, color is the first thing that comes to mind. Since, country kitchen decoration is all about warmth, a splash of warm colors throughout the house is a must. Pastel shades like butterscotch yellow, beige, cream, light peach complement the bold furniture and other decorations. Earthy shades like terracotta, light brown also suit a country kitchen, but then make sure you have a spacious kitchen. These colors tend to eat away the light and make the room appear smaller than it is. More on kitchen color ideas.


Terracotta tiles in hexagonal shape look perfect in country kitchen. Wooden flooring exudes a classic elegance, which is a peculiar characteristic of country kitchen. However, it might be an expensive option for some homeowners. Alternatively, you may opt for faux wooden flooring which is available in various grain sizes. If you wish to render the feel of an authentic country kitchen, then stone flooring could be your best choice.


Ceiling is the main attraction of any country kitchen. Pots and pans that are hung by their handles is a must have in every country kitchen. Not only does this give an impression of true country kitchen, it also saves a lot of your cabinet space. Thick wooden beams that make quite an impression from high ceiling is a distinct feature of a country kitchen.


A country kitchen is incomplete without a large wooden table and chairs. Since, this type of kitchen is essentially meant to entertain family and guests, a very large size of table is a must. The chairs need not match the table, which is often in darker shades of brown. Wood, wrought iron are the favorite materials for furniture. A metal baker’s rack and a cabinet with metal mesh doors, to store food are some indispensable pieces of furniture in country kitchen. Matching the furniture items is not an issue in country style decoration, as the furniture is often passed from one generation to other, with newer items being added to the existing collection. More on country style furniture.

Accent Pieces

Large earthen or ceramic vases in varying sizes can be either left empty or filled with fresh flower arrangements. A wrought iron candle holder and plate holder is also a must have accessory in every country kitchen. A red and white checked tablecloth is often used to cover the wooden top of the table. Place glass shakers for salt, pepper and chilly flakes on the table. A throw rug in front of kitchen sink also adds to the beauty of country kitchen. Wooden spoons, spatulas complete the look of the table. Porcelain teapots and cookware is often displayed in open cabinets. Another big attraction of a country kitchen is the use of fresh fruits and vegetables as accent pieces. They are often placed in attractive baskets on the table.

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8 thoughts on “Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

  1. Thanks! That’s a great article! I love the look of country kitchens. Another thing to think about when decorating the kitchen is what type of window coverings you want. Sometimes the right blinds or shutters can finish a room just perfectly!.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. Window coverings are definitely an important aspect to consider when decorating a country kitchen. The right blinds or shutters can add that finishing touch and enhance the overall look of the room.

  2. I appreciate your comment about colors. I was thinking to have terracotta kitchen counter. Now I realize that our kitchen is not that big, and it may be not a good idea. Thanks for your helpful tips! I think, I will go with light colors 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you found some helpful tips. Choosing light colors for a smaller kitchen can create an illusion of space and make the room feel brighter and more open. It’s always important to consider the size of the kitchen when selecting colors and materials.

  3. My family is building a new house this next semester. We’ve been saving up and we’re trying to figure out how we want the house to look. My wife wants a country kitchen, so I’m looking for decorating ideas. I’m going to talk to her about the terracotta tiles that you mention, I think that those would look great!

    1. That’s exciting that you’re building a new house and considering a country kitchen! Terracotta tiles can indeed add a lovely touch and bring warmth to the space. I hope your wife likes the idea too!

    1. Absolutely! Being aware of cost-effective options and finding ways to work with what you have can definitely help save money while still achieving the desired country kitchen look. It’s all about being resourceful and creative in the process. Good luck with your decorating endeavors!

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