Home decor is no small task because you need to take comfort and budget into account and not just style. However, you can easily make your home look fabulous with the help of a few design tips. If you have a country-style dining table then you can easily build your decor around it. In fact, there are many different things you can do to update the look of the room from time to time. The country style which is relaxed and warm can also be surprisingly versatile and you can create a very unique looking room using it. You can also dress up the room for a formal look whenever you want.

1. Rustic checked fabrics can be used to give the room a bright and cheerful look. The most popular color options are red or blue on white. You can make window treatments or seat covers using this fabric, as long as you do not overpower the room with them. Alternate checks with stripes as well. You can give the room plenty of warmth by using linen fabrics. A sea grass carpet goes extremely well in this type of room.

2. Pictures of fruit go very well with this style of decor. French-style cockerel pictures also go very well here. If you can get Provencal-style cushions as well then it will suit the look of the room, especially if you have a modern sofa or armchair close by.

3. Use a lot of flowers in the room, preferably in a pottery vase and not in a crystal one. A rustic metal jug will also look superb. Floral prints will also look great on the room linens; chintz is also very attractive in this context.

4. You can experiment with bright colors for your room in case you feel like taking a fashion risk. Rich purples, bright pinks and greens are very fashion forward and they will look fabulous with the wooden table.

5. Go for a rustic look by using mismatched chairs with your dining table. You can easily buy these inexpensive chairs from a vintage store.

6. Accessories such as a wrought iron chandelier or a grandfather clock can complete the look of the room.

7. If your budget permits it then you should consider fixing wooden beams on the ceiling for a warm and rich look.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to build your room’s decor around a country-style dining table. Keep in mind that the room should be a comfortable and inviting place to be in.

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