Country Wedding Favors

Country Wedding Favors

If you are planning to use a country theme for your wedding, you will find the selection of country wedding favors to range from traditional to the unexpectedly elegant. When searching for country wedding favors, you will want to inform the sales associate or your wedding planner whether you are looking for rustic country wedding favors such as items featuring wildflowers and natural elements or a western country theme with cowboy boots and horses. The creative options will make your wedding unique and memorable to your guests.

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♥ Rustic Country Wedding Favors

Depending on the time of year for your wedding, the color palette should lean more towards natural, earthy colors such as sage greens, warm umbers, browns and reds. Brighter purples and yellows may be more appropriate for spring and summer celebrations. With your palette being the starting point, you will be able to focus on your rustic country wedding favors and your natural theme.

Consider using old fashioned style jelly canning jars with small bouquets. Photo, Streetwindy

Nothing reminds people more of the country than fields of wildflowers, sunflowers and daisies.

Many of these varieties are cost efficient as well as being great focal points for your country wedding favors. Small, galvanized watering cans with ribbons matching your palette can be used to feature your flowers at each place setting. You can also consider using old fashioned style jelly canning jars with small bouquets. You may also want to consider using colorful butterflies or dragonflies to be featured in your country wedding favors.

It is hard not to think of rustic country without thinking of delicious food. Old fashioned, copper cookie cutters with a favorite sugar cookie recipe attached and wrapped with decorative tissue paper and ribbons may be a perfect country wedding favor for your celebration. Small jars of homemade jellies, preserves or pickled favorites can be fun and decorative with fabric and ribbons adorning the lids and jars.

♦ Western Style Country Wedding Favors

It is hard not to think of a ride off in to the sunset when you think of western symbols. A western wedding can be designed with bold reds, dark blues, browns and blacks or made contemporary with pink as the featured color. The traditional design for old west dust bandanas can be found in just about any color these days to match your color palette. There are many options for using these colored bandanas to wrap up a table gift for your guests such as being used as napkins or underneath your table’s centerpiece.

Many people think of cowboy boots or hats when thinking of the old west. Retail craft stores and online providers offer an extensive selection of western items in many colors and sizes. Butter or sugar cookies cut in the shapes of cowboy boots, ten gallon hats or horses can be a great way to compliment a western country theme. You can also consider using old fashioned tin cups filled with chili spices and attaching a favorite chili recipe.

A country wedding theme can be classy, fun and unique. Before you go shopping for country wedding favors, be sure to consider whether you want a classic, warm and rustic country theme or a traditional old west theme. From there, you should consider the traditional symbols of your theme and make variations of them to fit your own personal style.

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