Crafts and Fun with Things Around The House

Crafts and Fun with Things Around The House

Cannot find anything fun for your children to do today? There’s always something to make with the simplest stuff lying around your house. You just have to use your imagination to find out what and how to make things.

Robots & Bowling

Empty soda pop cans may be used for several things; they aren’t just trash. Gather the cans and some glue and you are on your way to making a robot. All you need is two cans for each leg, four cans for the body, two cans for the arms, one can for the neck, and 2 more cans for the head. Clue them all together and make your robots come to life. Also, you can make some games out of empty pop cans. You could line them up and let your children throw balls at them to see who knocks the most down, or set them up like bowling pins.

Piggy Bank or Planter

With empty milk jugs, your children can make and decorate their very own piggy bank. Cut a hole big enough for every coin under the lip of the milk jug so they can slip their money in. Let them decorate it however they desire. If your child thinks a piggy bank is not a good enough idea, they could also make a planter. Cut the top off of the milk jug, fill it with soil, and let them plant seeds of their choice in them. Make sure they keep up with the plant and water it. They can watch their creation grow and enjoy it too!

Car Show

Can kids really have more fun with the box than the toy? Do they really need to have the toys that come with them? Get a big empty box, draw wheels and headlights on it! You could cut holes in the bottom of the box for their legs and get a paper plate for the steering wheel. To keep the box up and off the floor punch holes in the front and back of the box. Tie one side of the string to the front of the box and the other to the back. Do this on both sides of the box and the strings become almost like suspenders for the car. If the basic drawings on the box aren’t good enough to the child let them design their own car. This could be fun for the whole family. With more than one of these cars they can have races, their own car shows, and anything else that comes to their imagination.

Puppet Show

You and your children can put on a puppet show. All you need is a couple of old socks. Draw some faces on them and make them say what you want. You can get more elaborate and sew or glue on yarn hair, button eyes, or any other kinds of notions you can think of. Make the puppets come to life and hang an old sheet to create a background or stage. There are many ways to create crafts and games for kids with stuff around the house. Use your imagination and let your children explore the different ways to recycle “trash.”

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