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Candle Making Molds

Molds for making candles can be purchased easily on several web sites or in specialty craft stores. There are many types of candle making molds in hundreds of designs available. (more…)...
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Soap Making for Beginners — Melt and Pour

Soap making has been around for ages. The process of making soaps can either be simple or complex, depending on what you want to make. You can make soaps as a way to make money or you can make soaps for personal use or as gifts. Read more

Choosing a Handmade Soap Maker

Choosing a soap maker is an important task, as your skin is depending on it. There a couple basic questions that should allow you to determine the competence of your soap maker immediately. (more…)...
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How to Start a T-Shirt Business – Part One – Getting Started

Selling T-Shirts has become big business and it's a growing industry on the internet where there are already thousands of shops and websites where you can purchase almost any design or T-Shirt style imaginable. Thanks to the many T-Shirt companies that now print and create the T-Shirts for you, with no risk involved, many people...
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