Cupcake Birthday Bouquet

Cupcake Birthday Bouquet

With a few smart ingredient substitutions and food swaps, you and your guests can enjoy favorite dishes and get more vitamins and nutrients.

Supplies Needed

You will need, 12-15 cupcakes

1 medium sized planter (4-6 inches depending on size of bouquet you want)

Floral or green cupcake liners

Styrofoam ball to fit into planter


(Optional) Helium Birthday Balloon

Add cupcakes to Styrofoam ball

Place styrofoam ball into planter and give it a little twist down into the planter to make sure it is secure but not too hard that it breaks…you can also add a little hot glue around the edge.

If you bought pre-made cupcakes, add the floral cupcake liners to them. Or just bake some cupcakes directly into the floral cupcake liners.

Insert toothpicks about 1/2 way into the styrofoam ball around the ball,  gently push cupcakes onto the toothpicks to hold into place. I added one tooth pick closer to the top of the ball, and one lower all around the ball.

Add the balloon into the top center of the styrofoam ball. I cut the stem half way, kept some height on it so the icing does not touch the balloon.

Add icing to the cupcakes

Using your icing tools create a rose like design with your icing, I had to freehand with filling a sandwich baggie with icing and snipping off one corner then piping the icing out onto the cupcakes.

Once all cupcakes are done, add a ribbon to the planter and you are done!

To customize, add a few drops of food coloring to white icing to make different colored roses. I added a few pink candy sprinkles to each flower.

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