Detoxification – Types of Herbs to Purify Your Blood

Blood Purification

The American diet contains high saturated fat, trans fat, and other harmful substances such as sugar, caffeine, pesticides, additive substances, and less in fruits and vegetables. These types of harmful substances are toxic. Our body’s detoxified functions try to get rid of them everyday, when they fail it causes a disruption of hormone production, damaging our body’s detoxification organs and weakening our immune system resulting in hormone imbalance and many chronic illness consequently. In this article, we will discuss how to purify your blood.

1. Raw Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is finely shredded cabbage and has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria with distinct sour flavor. It contains high amounts of vitamin C, lactobacilli and other nutrients that helps to improve blood circulation and increase level of oxygen in the blood stream. It also is said to have done a super job in purifying your blood as well as anti aging effects.

2. Garlic

Garlic is nature’s super food. Besides having been used in strengthening the immune system, fighting inflammation and infection caused by bacteria, virus, and chronic illness. It also is a blood thinner, blood purifier as well as increasing the level of oxygen in the blood and improving blood circulation.

3. Dong Quai

Dong quai has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousand of years in improving blood quality and purity, and help strengthen the immune system as it supports the body’s removal of toxins in the blood.

4. Red Clover Tops

Red clover tops traditionally has been used with other herbs to support the quality of the blood by increasing the level of oxygen circulation of blood to transport nutrients to the cells needs. It also is a liver tonic as well as maintaining healthy bowel function and supports digestion.

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5. Burdock

Burdock, besides helping to cleanse our liver, it also contains substances that help to strengthen our immune system as well as reducing inflammation caused by bacteria and virus. Traditionally, burdock is very effective in providing the strength to clean and normalize the blood stream.

6. Oregon Grape Root

Oregon Grape is a native plant on the North American west coast from British Columbia to northern California. It’s root contains substances helping to decrease bacterial resistance to antibiotics and antibacterial agents as well as anti-inflammation. Oregon grape root is described as one of the best western herbs for supporting liver function. The potent root is also recognized as a whole body cleanser and blood purifier.

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