Different Ways of Getting Honey Bees into Your Own Hives

Different Ways of Getting Honey Bees Into Your Own Hives

Beekeeping is a hobby that is gaining a lot of attention lately. The reason why it is gaining a lot of this attention is because the demand of honey has risen because of its health benefits and because bees help in the pollination of our plants. On the other hand it can be a source of income because you can sell the honey produced by your bees.

But in order to produce your own honey you have to have bees in your hives. There are three ways to getting the bees which are covered below.

Buy Them

Buying honey bees is the best way to start out if you are just beginning with beekeeping. You can order your bees from your local bee farmers store or you can look for bee farming suppliers online. Some suppliers even offer to deliver the bees to you since they are experts in transporting them. You should order your bees when you are fully prepared to manage them.

Catch Them

In order to save some money in buying the bees some beekeepers opt to catch the bees from the wild. Please keep in mind that if you know nothing about managing bees you shouldn’t try to catch the bees yourself because this can be very dangerous and can be fatal. Or if you know someone who has experience in managing bees you can ask them to find the honey bee swarms and catch the bees for you.

Bee swarms can be found in different places such as top of trees, walls and buildings. A lot of property owners don’t know how to get rid of bees in their home which is where you can offer the removal services. If you don’t know of anyone who has some bees they want to remove you can put an advert on local newspapers for ‘Swarm Retrieval Services’.

To get the bees from the swarm you can use a five gallon plastic bucket with a perforated plastic cover. Then get a mixer of sugar syrup and spray the entire swarm. If the swarm is large make sure your mixer is enough to spray all the bees.

Before you spray the swarm you should put a bucket below the swarm so the bees fall into the bucket below. Once you have sprayed the swarm you should then shake the tree or where the swarm is so the bees fall into the bucket. When finished you can then cover the bucket and take it to where you have your hives.

Attract Them

One of the easiest ways of getting honey bees is by attracting them to the hives. To do this you should place some honey in the hives and in on time there will be bees coming to the hive. The down fall about this method is that it can attract different types of insects so you should monitor them.

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