How and When to Divide Perennial Plants

How and When to Divide Perennial Plants

Perennial plants should be divided every couple of years to ensure that they grow with the same vigor without getting stressed. Beginners might think that it is difficult but the fact is that perennials can be divided easily in the garden.

The plants tend to develop complex root system that expands eventually. If the perennial plant is not divided then it might not perform well and produce lesser flowers. Division is also a method for renovating the garden bed and planting more and more perennials. You can divide and plant plenty of new plants in the garden beds.

How to Identify That the Plants Need Division

There are some ‘tell- tale signs’ that can help you to identify the time to divide them. The perennial plants need division when the clumps start to die out forming a hole in the centre. Another sign is reduced flowering that can happen due to congested clumps or even stressed roots. Perennial plants can also be divided if the clumps have become vulnerable to nasty weed growth. Division will ensure that the weeds are dug out and uprooted.

When to Divide

The spring flowering perennials can be divided during later summer or early fall season as it is the best time for division. Fall division ensures that the plants get plenty of time to establish themselves properly before the harsh winters arrive. The plants that bloom in late summer and fall season can be divided in early spring. These are the best times for dividing and establishing new perennial plants in the garden beds.

How to Divide

Dividing perennials is fairly easy once you are familiar with the method. Beginners can find it perplexing but once you do it and find the plant growing successfully; you will realize that it is not a herculean task. The basic steps for division include digging up the clump and dividing it in half with the help of a knife. If the root system is complex and you are unsure then you can knock off the plant to get rid of excess soil to have a better view. Divide the plant most naturally from the area that seems fine for division. Don’t worry and take chances, divide as many plants for the garden beds as possible. You will definitely be amazed to see the divided plants growing again vigorously.

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