Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

Like exercising your body, exercising your brain is also important. Keeping your mind active and engaged may help reduce your risk of dementia. Here are some fun things you can do every day.

Puzzle Games

Research shows that people who do word puzzles and brain teasers score better on tests measuring cognitive abilities like attention, reasoning, and memory. Try doing a crossword, word search or Sudoku on your commute to work, during your lunch break, or while you’re winding down for the night. Write your name with your less dominant hand to tease a different part of your brain.

Study a New Language

 You don’t have to become perfectly fluent to reap the brain benefits of another tongue. Speaking two or more languages and switching between them can lead to improved attention, memory skills, and problem-solving. Take a class at your local community centre or try a language app on your smartphone.

Keep Learning

If you don’t want to try out a new language, learning something else can also help to keep your brain active and healthy. Whether it’s reading a new book on an interesting topic, trying out a new card game, or starting a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, giving your mind a challenge is a great way to boost your brain.

The federal government is working on a national dementia strategy that will complement existing initiatives to promote awareness, reduce stigma and support those affected and is committed to helping improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

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