Eczema Natural Remedies

Eczema Natural Remedies

Eczema is a chronic skin disorder that can happen to any one at any time. But it is more common among children than in adults. In fact, it is less of a problem in adulthood. It can occur if an individual is exposed to chemical irritants or allergens. There is a whole host of treatments available for eczema. Among all of the treatments, however, eczema natural remedy is actually appreciated by many people.

There are several artificial medications available in the market for treating eczema. However, the treatments offered by eczema natural remedy has no or minimum possible side-effects.

Herbal Treatment for Eczema

In practice, eczema natural remedy is preferred over any artificial or chemical based treatments. When we are talking about herbal treatment, no discussion seems to be complete without the discussion of neem.

Neem offers a wide range of health benefits. Several clinical studies confirmed that both external and internal application of neem extracts may result in alleviating the symptoms of chronic eczema. With the blessing of its exclusive antibacterial, antifungal and blood purifying properties neem is helpful in almost any sort of skin disorders and in maintaining a healthy skin.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Eczema

In Ayurveda, eczema is known as ‘vicharchika’. Typically, eczema is of two types – acute and chronic. The most common form of eczema is of course chronic. The major symptoms of eczema include oozing, itching and exfoliation of skin area.

According to Ayurvedic study, it can result from disturbances of all doshas. The most significant role is, however, played by disturbed pitta and contaminated blood condition. Both of these two factors deteriorate the quality of skin and mamsa and cause eczema. On the other hand, vata and kapha may participate in the pathogenesis in order to produce other symptoms related to eczema.

Each of these three doshas or humors may contribute to the development of unique eczema condition. In the vata type, the skin area becomes very dry with a severe pain and itching. There is a possibility of oozing and symptoms like burning and fever are quite common in the case of pitta type. In kapha type, the skin becomes white and thicker than usual in addition to oozing and itching.

Ayurveda offers rich eczema natural remedy. There are several numbers of Indian aboriginal herbs particularly beneficial for treating eczema. The commonly used herbs for treating eczema are discussed below.

Alsi (Linum usitatissimum):

This herb is commonly known as linseed. To get immediate relief from skin irritation, the oil extracted from linseed needs to be mixed with lime juice and applied on the inflamed skin area.

Arka (Calotropics gigantica):

It is commonly known as swallow wort or Dead Sea apple. The Arka juice mixed with sesame oil and turmeric can be applied externally on the affected skin area.

Babul (Acacia arabica):

In treating the eczema, babul powder is found to be beneficial. To make the eczema natural remedy from it, you first need it to mix with powdered bark of mango tree. Then the mixture needs to be boiled in water. The vapor coming from the boiled water is used to stimulate the affected area. Later ghee is applied on the affected area after the stimulation session is over.

Mahua (Madhuca indica):

The leaves of this herb are particularly beneficial for treating eczema. First, you need to make a paste from Mahua leaves, and apply it as bandage over the inflamed area. It offers immediate relief to itchy pains. However, the bandage needs to be changed at least 8-10 times within 24 hours.

Palasha (Butea monosperma):

It is useful in treating dhobi’s itch. It is a type of allergic reaction that mainly occurs due to tight cloths. For preparing the eczema natural remedy, the grounded seeds of Palasha are mixed with lime juice and apply on the inflamed region.

Apart from that, there are few Ayurvedic preparations such as tikataka ghritam, padavalamooladi, talakeshwara, kadiraristha, and mahatikitha kashaya found to be effective as eczema natural remedy.

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