Egg Cooking Techniques

Egg Cooking Techniques

Eggs are always an excellent source of protein and it is cheapest form of protein compared to meat. It completes our nutritional needs. It provides us with vitamin A, protein, riboflavin and other vitamins and minerals. The most commonly used for cooking or human consumption are the chicken eggs and quail eggs.

Since eggs play a big role in our everyday meal, listed below are some of the cooking techniques that might interest you:

Scrambled Eggs

Experts say that the secret to a perfect scrambled egg is by slow cooking. You have to remove the scrambled egg from the heat as soon as you it all set or if you see it a little undone. If you do not follow this step, your eggs would be very dry since heat still remains in the eggs.

Boiling Eggs

You may think that boiling an egg is the simplest thing to do on Earth. If you are boiling it to become a hard-boiled egg, how would you actually know that it is not the other way around? There are 3 things to take in to consideration. First, always choose eggs which are free of cracks. Second, never boil your eggs straight from the refrigerator. You have to set it to room temperature before boiling it.

Shirred / Baked Eggs

Popularly known as “oeufs en cocotte” in France. Preheat the oven 325?F. You may place an egg or two in a buttered baking pan. Place one (1) tablespoon of cream or milk over the egg to prevent it from drying. Bake for a few minutes. Continue to monitor the eggs until its cooked.

Poached Egg

This cooking procedure is by placing about two (2) inches of water in a small pot. Let it boil for a few minutes then drop the egg. Cook for 3-5 minutes.

Coddled Egg

The coddled egg is very much comparable to poached egg. The only difference is that the poached egg is cracked while the coddled egg is placed in a porcelain pot. The egg is cooked very slowly leaving the egg yolk very soft and the egg white tender.

It is best to include eggs in your diet to meet the right amount of nutrients that you do not get in other food. You may enjoy eating eggs but it has to be in moderation because it contains 213mg of cholesterol which may increase the dietary cholesterol of a person.

We have enjoyed eating eggs since time and memorial. The best part of it is that it is packed with vitamins and minerals yet it is very economical.

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