Energize Your Fitness Routine

It’s something we hear often from fellow fitness devotees alike: “I feel like I’m not seeing results anymore.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Whether you’re feeling flabbier or just plain uninspired, here are some tips to help get the ball rolling. Because, in the world of accomplishment, quitting is a foreign language.


Maybe it’s time to try something new. Don’t let your workout routine get so redundant you know exactly what’s coming. A content body is a no-result body. So instead of simply “going with the flow”, see your body as an obstacle and fool it every once in a while to keep it alert and functioning. Instead of running on the treadmill, for example, take up the art of getting some fresh air while you run for a change, by going outside.

Strapped For Time?

Any physical activity is better than none. So don’t be discouraged if your planner doesn’t allow a set time and place for your workouts each week. Take time to embrace the art of cherishing each moment you have to workout and sooner or later you’ll start to appreciate those ten-minute jogs.

Out Of New Ideas?

Okay so you’ve tried yoga, pilates, kickboxing, spinning, the whole nine yards-and now you might be feeling a bit bored, but don’t let a lack of new ideas give you an outlet out of regular exercise.

Try reading some good articles from your favorite magazine or book, for instance. Try to develop a personalized routine based on your findings, what you already know, and how you’d like to expand your infinite possibility-the point here being that with the abundance of information in the world today, getting and staying out of that rut can be mastered in no time.

Feeling Energy-less?

Inadequate nutritional intake may be to blame. Making sure to maintain a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, and other complex carbohydrates can help rev up your health and daily energy. For an added boost of health, try catching up on essential vitamins like Vitamin C and E, both known for their ability to ward off free radicals ( unstable oxygen molecules that damage healthy cells). In fact, nearly 260% of the recommended DV (daily value) for Vitamin C can be found in two eight ounce glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice-ah, vitamin packed doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Discouraged By Your Non-Results?

It’s a common misconception that exercising to reach your goals “shouldn’t take too long”. The truth, though many of us would rather shun such a revelation, is that exercising is a process through which it’s inevitable slow and steady progression will be the dominant factor in reaching certain goals. So unless you’ll be going from mile walker to Olympic champion anytime soon, take a moment to listen to your body, and cherish the small results you see along the way. When you’ve reached that point of satisfaction, the point where the goals you had in mind are finally realized, remember it was the tiny baby steps that helped propel you in the first place.

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