Essential Lavender Oil: What Are Its Benefits?

Essential Lavender Oil: What Are Its Benefits?

Many people are now finding the use of essential lavender oil whilst at work, helps them to handle the stress of the workplace as well as helping them to relax under pressure and also making them focus better on the tasks at hand.

In studies undertaken it was found that participants relaxed considerably better when using lavender aromatherapy and were able to focus better on problems which needed solving. However, although they seemed to be slower in carry out math calculations, there were fewer errors in the answers provided.

By placing a sprig of lavender or a bowl of potpourri on even a few drops of essential lavender oil when placed near a heat source will help the person to relax, become focused and thus more productive at their job. So if you should happen to work in a hectic office environment then either a lavender body mist or a small vial of lavender essential oil that you are able to keep close by may just help you.

Although lavender is not a cure or even an effective treatment for depression, it has been discovered that pain, poor sleep, anxiety and often chronic pain which are often associated with depression can be relieved by the use of this plant. As lavender helps to bring on a natural relaxed state it helps people to cope better with the aggravations that life often throws at us. In a study it was shown that in a normal healthy person the aroma of the lavender oil often has the ability to gently elevate their moods.

It does not matter whether you are either currently suffering from depression or just feeling down; remember that the person to discuss about your treatment of your depression is your doctor.

Although by taking herbal tea baths and burning lavender candles is part of the regime of taking care of yourself which does not require a prescription, or even cost a great deal of money, a lavender infused bath or lavender body products are able to provide a natural stress reducer, which can not only lift mild depression and clear the mind, which enable us to work through the problems we are experiencing more effectively.

Another good use for lavender is to help fight against insomnia. Many people find that if they suffer from insomnia or are frequently awake during the night, that they have difficulty coping with the following day to day matters. Lavender scent not only helps to promote relaxation in a person, but it also helps them to sleep better. In studies carried out at hospitals and nursing homes it was that patients who were exposed to the smell of lavender fell asleep, not only quicker but stayed asleep for longer and slept much more deeply.

Certainly, it is know that poor sleep is one of the causes that many people wake up with a headache in the morning and in some cases can even initiate a migraine attack. You will find that the common causes related to a morning headache are the grinding of teeth and the muscles tensing around the face and neck. By keeping a small bowl of lavender in your bedroom and a light misting on your pillow, you find that this will help you to relax easier before you fall asleep each night.

Another suitable use for lavender is to help relieve anxiety which many people are now suffering from. Anxiety is usually found to express itself as racing thoughts and a pounding heartbeat, but one of the first signs of any form of anxiety is for the person not to be able to think clearly. The mental stress that many people are feeling now days inevitably causes the mind to become cloudy and people find it difficult to solve life’s little problems, which in turn only increases the anxiety the person is feeling. A by using essential lavender oil, you are helping yourself to relax and take away the pressures that you are feeling and thus alleviating the feeling of anxiety.

Finally you can use essential lavender oil to help alleviate the causes that trigger such things as headaches or even chronic pain, which usually are caused by poor sleep, muscle tension, depression, dehydration, poor nutrition, imbalance of hormones, immune deficiency or even just poor coping skills with every day life.

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