The Secret of Essential Oils for Nail Fungus

People have always wanted to get rid of nail fungus. As you may know, this is a very embarrassing condition that a lot of people in the world have, and this triggers the advance on knowledge for treatments, both medical and alternative. Medicine treats the condition through chemical formulas that a lot of people reject, because they come with side effects that can be pretty serious, including liver damage. Alternative medicine, seeks the other way, trying to find natural cures, and one of those cures involve the use of powerful essential oils.

Oregano Oil

The Oregano Oil is “the” essential oil preferred as a treatment for nail fungus. It is a topical application, although some specialists may find necessary oral ingestion to fight the fungus from within (this oral ingestion must be properly controlled by a specialist). Oregano Oil has a powerful penetrating power and this makes it excellent for battling nail fungus that spreads under the nail bed.

To use oregano oil for nail fungus, you must adhere to a strict daily habit of rubbing it on the affected nails. Do not miss a day! If you put oregano oil one day, and then the other day you forget, you are doing little to help the condition of the nail improve. Remember that fungus spreads easily and quick.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil comes from an Australian plant called Tea Tree. It contains a powerful substance called terpinen-4-ol. This substance has been proved by scientific research to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. As the oregano oil, tea tree oil has also powerful penetration power to act ton the nail bed, but unlike oregano oil, oral ingestion is not safe. The directions for use are the same, with same warning of not avoiding a single day.

Both essential oils are easy to use, freely available, and a lot cheaper than a medical treatment using prescribed medications such as Terbinafine or Sporanox. However, you must always consult with a doctor first that can help you through this natural treatment, and can answer your questions along the way to a healthy nail. Remember that this is all about your health and auto-medication can sometimes be dangerous.

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