Essential Oils to Relieve Common Problems

Essential Oils to Relieve Common Problems

There are many types of essential oils available at your local health food store, but what exactly can you do with them? If you’re unfamiliar with their versatile uses, the Canadian Health Food Association recommends trying these essential oils to help with three common problems.

Chamomile oil to relieve tight muscles and tension.

We’re all familiar with using chamomile tea as a natural sleep aid, but have you ever thought of putting chamomile in the bath? If all your spring adventuring is giving you muscle cramps, try taking a chamomile bath to relieve those sore muscles. Known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, chamomile is effective in providing relief if you’re feeling the tension. After a long day, draw a hot bath, add a couple drops of chamomile essential oil and simply relax. Just be careful not to use too much — essential oils come in small bottles, but a few drops go a long way.

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Lavender aromatherapy to reduce stress.

Fight family and workplace stress with lavender, which has been shown to provide calming effects on the body and mind when diffused. It can even improve your mood. You can make your own natural reed diffuser by filling a glass vase with 20 to 30 drops of essential oil for every 240 millilitres of hot water and inserting the reeds. The oils will soak into the reeds and dispense the natural aroma. The diffuser smells pleasant, looks great, and is affordable and easy to do at home.

Tea tree oil to soothe bug bites.

Tea tree oil, with its strong and distinctive smell, is used for its anti-microbial properties to treat skin conditions such as dandruff, acne, lice and minor skin infections. It can also be applied to the skin to soothe the itchy bug bites you’re likely to get in the warmer months. When you’re heading out to go camping or visiting the cottage, bring a small bottle of tea tree oil and apply a drop directly to bug bites.

Be sure to use high-quality, 100 per cent pure essential oils, available at your local CHFA member health food store.

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