FAQ’s – Homemade Massage Oils

FAQ's - Homemade Massage Oils

Common questions about the art of making massage oils.

What are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are vegetable oils used to dilute the concentrated essential oils, they help to slow down the evaporation of the essential oils and help absorb them into the skin. The carrier oils should be “Extra virgin or cold pressed vegetable oils” for maximum benefit. Some good carrier oils include sweet almond, grapeseed, canola, safflower, sunflower, sesame, wheat germ, olive and peanut oil.

How Do I Store The Essential Oils?

Store essential oils in brown or dark blue colored glass bottles with a close fitting plastic screw cap. Do not store in plastic containers, they could become contaminated. Keep them in a dark, cool place to prolong the shelf life. Always store out of reach of children.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take?

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts so keep away from the eyes ( If oil comes in contact with the eyes, rinse it out with a few drops of pure Sweet Almond Oil, not water. Seek medical attention.) and never take them internally. They should not be applied directly to the skin but mixed with a carrier oil such as almond oil to dilute them as the oils are in concentrated form. Never increase the dose of essential oil. Some oils are toxic in large amounts.

* NOTE: Do not go out in the sun for at least 6 hours after using any of these oils in your recipes: Ginger, lemon, orange and Bergamot, they can cause skin irritations if exposed to sun.

* Do not use on Pregnant women or children under the age of two.

The 5 Main Essential Oil Types:

Floral, Spicy, Woody, Citrus, Green

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